Lantana blooming more. Breakfast in and out. Sorting photos.

Lantana plants
Our Lantana shrubs are putting out more blossoms now that temperatures are cooling.

I have noticed over the last few days that our Lantana shrubs are putting out more blossoms, and suspect that it is due to cooling weather. Our temps have been as much as 12° below normal the last week or so, down into the 80s and low 90s. I think our Moss Rose plants are putting out more blossoms as well. When I mentioned it to Elaine this afternoon she mentioned that it may be time to plant some pansies, petunias, and other annuals. Here in Phoenix we plant those flowers in October and they thrive through the winter, unlike in northern climes where they are planted in late May. It is too hot for them in May-October. Continue reading Lantana blooming more. Breakfast in and out. Sorting photos.

Backing up. Vacationers. 114.

Allway Sync
A typical Allway Sync screen shot

I discovered that my Allway Sync Pro backup system was not operating. It must have gotten lost when my computer was last worked on by Geek Squad. I use CrashPlan by Code42 for my online backups and also have CrashPlan do a backup to my external hard drive. But those backups are in a compressed format not directly readable without going through CrashPlan, so for convenience I also do plain file backups to the external hard drive using Allway Sync. I have been using Allway Sync for more than ten years, with great satisfaction. Continue reading Backing up. Vacationers. 114.

Plants done. Crash Plan. Card class. Fire Storm outdated.

Andy Goodhart got the remainder of our plants set in the ground this morning and did some smoothing and leveling of the excavated dirt. Since we had to add water to soften the ground for digging, much of the excavated material was wet and lumpy so he spread it out to dry and will do final smoothing another day. At this point, our next step is to lay the landscaping fabric and put the stone layer on top of it. That will happen next week. Once the fabric is down, I will expand the irrigation system for the new plants before the stone is added. I added the white chain to the post put in yesterday, so that part of the project is done.

The recent cyber attack over the weekend made me check to be sure my Code42 Crash Plan software was up to date and working, so I was dismayed to find it wasn’t! Apparently it became disabled when the Geek Squad did the work on my computer last week. This is the program that does data backups for my laptop; one backup regime goes to an online backup store with Code42, another does a backup to my local external hard drive. Should my computer data become held for ransom it would probably affect both the internal and external hard drives but would not affect the online backup since it is kept on a remote server and does not show up as a drive letter on my computer. Once I made this discovery I immediately went to and looked for a fix, and ended up doing a regular uninstall and a reinstall. Everything was working at that point.

Elaine headed over to The Paper Collage in Sun City West today for a card class, and came home with some good projects. She also went to the Scraps of Love store in Peoria to do some shopping, and found the paper she was looking for along with some other items.

I started to cut some aluminum angle for part of our planter project only to find out the only metal cutting blade I had for my Black & Decker Fire Storm reciprocal saw was too dull. I went to Ace Hardware this morning to get a replacement, only to be told they do not stock them. Back home I did some web searching only to find out that none of the other stores (Lowe’s, The Home Depot) carried them either. But I was able to find those blades on Amazon, only they were listed as Black & Decker Navigator, not Fire Storm. Further searching at the Black & Decker site showed the only Fire Storm results were the 14.4 volt batteries that system uses. The Navigator blades are for a corded saw, not cordless. However, as long as they fit my old Fire Storm I don’t care, so I ordered a package. If they work I will order some more. I hate to have to replace my old Fire Storm 14.4 volt cordless tool set; I bought it back around 2003 when it was the latest thing. I have that reciprocal saw, a jig saw, a sander, and a drill from that system.