Rational me. Lunch at Denny’s. Newsletter published.

OurHous front
A familiar sight we’ll see no more

Today was the day – the day we dropped off our Phaeton at Sun City RV in Peoria for consignment sale. We have been preparing for this for several months, first by deciding whether to trade for a smaller motorhome and then, after learning how little we would get on trade-in, deciding to go the consignment route. We started the process casually maybe six months ago, when we began the process of removing items from the motorhome, but it got more serious about two months ago. We considered three different consignment dealers before deciding on Sun City RV. I’ll let you know when the listing appears. Continue reading Rational me. Lunch at Denny’s. Newsletter published.

Boxed into a corner. Rock shopping. Social Club meeting. Breakfast at Denny’s.

Once again I have boxed myself into a corner! My schedule calls for the Royal Palm newsletter to go to the printer on Monday and to be distributed on Tuesday. I still have several pages not complete and have a couple of ads to get, and I need to give the reviewers a day for their work. Why did this happen (again)? I simply lost track of time and spent my efforts on something else instead (our front yard project). Grrrrr! I will again have to move the printing and delivery days one day forward.

We want white rock for the ground cover in our front yard project. But can we find it? No! I have searched a number of web sites for local landscaping supply firms and have talked with 2-3 companies directly. Today we drove to the yard of Pioneer Landscaping Materials on N 7th Street, out near Deer Valley Airport. They did not show any white stone on their web site but I thought it was worth a try to ask; perhaps they had something that was not shown on the web or could help us locate what we are looking for. The young men on duty were very helpful: no, they don’t have any stock there but they knew of a material called Sierra Mist that might meet our needs. One got on the phone to another of their locations in the Valley and sure enough, they do have it. The other fellow texted a photo over to the caller so we could see it. It was not exactly what we were looking for – it seemed to have too much grey in some of the stones in the mix. But we can at least drive to that other location to see it. Tonight when walking the boys I noticed that a neighbor four lots down from us has a stone in her front yard that looks very much like the Sierra Mist, and it seems to have less of the grey than in the photo, so perhaps we can use that material. At minimum we could pick out any grey stones to leave more white. Once the newsletter is out we can work on the project again.

Our monthly Social Club meeting was held this morning, and we both went of course. Elaine is Secretary of the Social Club and I am Editor of The Palm Press, so we are on the agenda. The meeting was short – about 30 minutes or so – since there was not a lot of business or issues to discuss. While usually lasting for about an hour, some have gone for 1½ hours.

Our Saturday morning breakfast out was at the local Denny’s today. Elaine had suggested that we try the Breakfast Sandwich at Schlotzsky’s, but though the sign on the door said they opened at 7:00 AM and it was about 7:45, the door was locked. Denny’s is next door. We were not happy with the Denny’s, though; the table was not clean, the menus were dirty, the floors had stuff on them, and there was a napkin on the windowsill beside us. I will register our complaint at their web site.

John Ogden visit. Chronic Tacos.

John's rig
John’s bobtail rig parked in an open area here at Royal Palm

We had a surprise visit from son John today. He arranged his schedule so he had a load to drop off in the Phoenix area and came in late last night. He had been in touch with his Mom for about a day, trying to let her know about his plans as they changed. This time he was able to arrange to drop his trailer off in a secure yard so he could then drive his rig as a bobtail here to Royal Palm. We found a spot for him to park here in the Park so that was also secure overnight. Continue reading John Ogden visit. Chronic Tacos.

Christmas Bazaar. Breakfast at Denny’s. Verizon Cloud.

Salted Caramel and Banana Cream Pancake Breakfast at Denny’s

Our Saturday breakfast out was at Denny’s this morning. I did not want to travel far since Elaine had to be back at Royal Palm for the Bazaar by 9:00. Elaine ordered her regular oatmeal, while I had the new Salted Caramel and Banana Cream Pancake Breakfast. It was a Wow dish, as you can see by the photo at the left. I could not finish it, but it was sweet and delicious. Continue reading Christmas Bazaar. Breakfast at Denny’s. Verizon Cloud.