Alexa and Dish. IKEA. Las Glorias Grill.

shopping bags
Elaine’s two large IKEA shopping bags

Elaine got invited to go to IKEA this morning with Pete Petersen and Bill Russell. They have often talked of shopping there but we have never been to an IKEA store mostly because they are just too large for me to last long in. So she was pleased to have this opportunity. They left around 9:30 and returned around 2:30, which means they spent about four hours in the store! She came home with two very large blue shopping bags as you can see in the photo, plus a box containing a knocked-down hassock or footstool for the deck that will need to be assembled. Continue reading Alexa and Dish. IKEA. Las Glorias Grill.

Irrigation work. Andy yard work. Dish upgrade. Card class.

I finally fixed the drip line today that was putting out too much water. This is the one in which I had soaker hose segments; I replaced them with drip emitters. Pete Petersen came over this morning and attached the compression fittings for the distribution line for the planter boxes, and I also tested out the new line for leaks. Next step: attaching the drip line systems.

Andy Goodhart from here in Royal Palm was here this morning to clean up the now-gone-by poppy plants and I had him also clean up the dead weeds in the back and side yard from where I had sprayed them. He is very popular in the Park for doing yard work of various types.

Elaine headed to The Paper Collage this morning to take a card class being offered there. She really likes this shop and their classes; too bad it is so far for her to drive out to Sun City West.

A few weeks ago the hard drive attached to our Dish receiver failed and I have been holding off replacing it while deciding which way to go. Our receiver has been the VIP211k, which was the only one that would work with RV systems at the time we got Dish service back around 2010. While it supported an external hard drive for DVR capabilities, we could only record one channel at a time and the TV had to be set to watch that channel during recording. This worked fine when recording something while we were not at home, but not if we wanted to watch one channel and record another. I had solved that problem when I switched to over-the-air broadcasts and used Tablo, but the complexity of that approach made me switch back to Dish and I moved the receiver from the motorhome to the house and we have used it there. Today I decided to upgrade to Dish’s Hopper/Sling system and added a Joey for the office TV. Now we can record two channels while watching yet another. And we can watch recorded content from the office as well. Plus there’s a whole bunch of other features, most of which we will not use.