Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.

Kerby after
Kerby after grooming today
Kerby before
Kerby before grooming today

For some reason Kerby looked much shaggier this time than usual, but he sure cleaned up nicely as did Gizmo! Lately they have been going on Sundays to Danielle, but this time it went an extra day to Monday, but I don’t think an extra day made a shag difference. Kerby, having a light-colored coat, gets dirty looking so quickly it is always nice to see him clean again but it only lasts for a day or so. Continue reading Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.

Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

gamma camera
Dave in a Gamma Camera, which takes specialized photos of the heart to study oxygen use

I had three hours of testing this morning at the Honor Health Heart Group, under the direction of Dr Gary Kauffman. He wanted to get more thorough information about how my heart is functioning and today’s tests were designed to accomplish that. It started with injecting a radioactive dye which attaches to oxygen in the heart and will show where oxygen is being used. Those areas where oxygen is not present may be damaged or otherwise not active. Continue reading Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

Elaine heart doctor. Newsletter done.

Elaine visited Dr Kaufman this afternoon as a follow up on recent testing. She has been having rapid heart beats on occasion, and wildly varying blood pressure. When a rapid beat episode comes on she has to sit and relax until it passes. The doctor reported that her heart is strong and there are no blockages, which is good news. He will start her on a beta blocker to see if that will eliminate or reduce the problem. It may take some time to get the correct dosage and she may even have to make future medication changes. She goes back in a month. Continue reading Elaine heart doctor. Newsletter done.

Bye, bye, Shauna.

We took Shauna to the airport early this morning for her return to her Green River WY home. We had a wonderful visit with her! Now that we don’t travel as much we don’t get to see kids often, and she had never been to our new place in Phoenix though she had visited our previous residence on Sweetwater Ave. Her flight went out at 8:40 from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, so we all had to get up before breakfast to get her there in time – we left home at 6:00. But all went smoothly. Continue reading Bye, bye, Shauna.