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Dave angiogram
Dave checking in at hospital for angiogram

Dave spent most of the day at John C Lincoln Honor Health Hospital (JCL) having an angiogram done. A recent stress test showed some abnormality and Dr Kauffman ordered the angiogram to see if the problem was associated with heart plumbing. It was not. Dr Aquino, who performed the angiogram (Dr Kauffman had a back injury so could not do the procedure), reported that all the large and medium blood vessels around the heart had less than 25% blockage and some had little or none. We haven’t talked with Dr Kauffman yet but I have an appointment with him on Monday afternoon. We don’t know exactly what the stress test told him, and we will learn more about what he wants to do next at that appointment. Continue reading Nothing found

Elaine better, at doctor. Dave stress test.

bread loaves
The loaves of bread Elaine made this morning.

Elaine had a little better day today; she was active early in the morning baking bread loaves for the Bazaar Bake Sale next weekend and later she decorated our Christmas tree on the deck and hung some ornaments from the awning. But by late afternoon she was worn out and after supper she is laid back in her recliner resting. Those who see her also note, as I do, that she is looking better and when she is “up” she is more sparkling. Continue reading Elaine better, at doctor. Dave stress test.

Not so alarming. Work on newsletter.

“Follow up with a cardiologist within 72 hours”. That was the message printed on my Preliminary Test Report at the health screening last Wednesday and it was orally communicated to me and separately to Elaine. “Abnormal EKG” was another notation. And notations on the EKG printout said things like “consider anteroseptal myocardial damage”. Obviously I contacted our family doctor, Warren Johnson, that same day and got a referral to Dr Gary Kauffman, for an appointment this morning. Dr Kauffman is Elaine’s cardiologist as well. Continue reading Not so alarming. Work on newsletter.