Birthday Bash. Medical stuff. Newsletter.

Birthday Bash

group at The Horny Toad
This is the group from Royal Palm that attended the Birthday Bash at The Horny Toad tonight

Tonight a group from Royal Palm went to The Horny Toad in Cave Creek to celebrate January birthdays. About 35 or so people went; six of these actually had January birthdays, including Elaine. We took up two long table groups in the back room at the restaurant. This gave each person a chance to visit with at least six to eight others in the group, which made it enjoyable. Having such a large group meant some were served way ahead of others, but ti all worked out well in the long run. Continue reading Birthday Bash. Medical stuff. Newsletter.

Recent books read. Diagnosis: bronchitis.

Recent books read

An avid reader, I have decided to include in this blog a description of books that I read. I’ll try to continue doing that over time. I read using the Kindle app on my tablet for the most part, and Elaine uses Kindle on her tablet as well. Our Kindle library currently has 896 books, but we also read some for free and they do not show up in our library. Continue reading Recent books read. Diagnosis: bronchitis.

Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

Good news – apparently the antibiotic is working, and Elaine is starting to feel better. She went to Dr Warren Johnson today, our primary care physician, and he ordered some blood tests which should help identify what is happening. And we should have the urine culture results back in a day or so, which may indicate a change in antibiotic. While still very tired, she has better color today, and by this afternoon seemed a little more lively. Continue reading Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

Via Delosantos supper. Hernia diagnosis. Wound still infected. Elaine’s Copics tub.

group at Via Delosantos
Dinner at Via Delosantos: Dave, Elaine, Bill Russell, Joyce Garcia, Sharlene Froberg, Wayne Moderson, Pete Petersen

A few weeks ago Wayne Moderson mentioned a Mexican restaurant on Central between Dunlap and Hatcher called Via Delosantos. He thought it was one of the better ones he had been to. We have seen the place many times before driving by, but the outside appearance did not attract us so we ignored it. We owed Pete Petersen a dinner out in payment for taking care of our dogs while we were gone and asked him where he wanted to go. He had never been to Via Delosantos either and said that was the place. So while in the pool this afternoon we set that up and also invited Bill Russell and Wayne Moderson. We stopped at the Park office to ask Sharlene Froberg something and invited her as well. She had been invited to dine at her sister Joyce Garcia’s house but called and said they would join us as well. Continue reading Via Delosantos supper. Hernia diagnosis. Wound still infected. Elaine’s Copics tub.

Bye, bye, Shauna.

We took Shauna to the airport early this morning for her return to her Green River WY home. We had a wonderful visit with her! Now that we don’t travel as much we don’t get to see kids often, and she had never been to our new place in Phoenix though she had visited our previous residence on Sweetwater Ave. Her flight went out at 8:40 from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, so we all had to get up before breakfast to get her there in time – we left home at 6:00. But all went smoothly. Continue reading Bye, bye, Shauna.

Wind and more wind. Annual physicals.

We have been experiencing wind speeds here in Phoenix the last couple of days that have made it uncomfortable at times to be out. While sustained speeds have been in the 20-30 mph range, we have had bursts much higher. And other parts of Arizona, notably further north and west, have had much higher wind speeds. We’ve had a couple of days, including today, where Elaine did not want to swim due to the wind. Continue reading Wind and more wind. Annual physicals.