Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

Good news – apparently the antibiotic is working, and Elaine is starting to feel better. She went to Dr Warren Johnson today, our primary care physician, and he ordered some blood tests which should help identify what is happening. And we should have the urine culture results back in a day or so, which may indicate a change in antibiotic. While still very tired, she has better color today, and by this afternoon seemed a little more lively. Continue reading Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

Elaine: infection. Gizmo Walgreens account. Gizmo new leash.

Thank you to all her friends and family who encouraged (persuaded?) Elaine to (finally) go to a doctor! Last night she said it was time to go to FastMed, an urgent care facility near us, in the morning. So off we went at 9:00 and she was seen by the medical assistant and the nurse practitioner. The immediate diagnosis was a urinary tract infection, which surprised Elaine since she did not have the usual symptoms. They prescribed an antibiotic but said she should go to her primary care physician, because there were other possible symptoms. We have an appointment with Dr Warren Johnson tomorrow morning. Continue reading Elaine: infection. Gizmo Walgreens account. Gizmo new leash.

Posting to Craigslist. Elaine update. Warm and dry.

Iris Smart Kit
Lowe’s Iris Smart Kit home monitoring and automation starter kit

I have started posting some items for sale on Craigslist; these are the “high-ticket” items that did not sell in the yard sale over the weekend. I have only a little experience with using Craigslist. I had advertised some items last year but the only response was from a scammer and I cut that off quickly. A couple of items are things I had bought for the house but never used. One is an Iris Smart Kit – a home automation and monitoring package. I bought this but before it got installed we replaced our HVAC system and the new system came with a Nexia bridge built into the thermostat, so I didn’t need the Iris system. Price new $299; I am asking $125. Here’s a link to the listing. Continue reading Posting to Craigslist. Elaine update. Warm and dry.

Motorhome sale update. Yard sale cleanup. Elaine somewhat better. Newsletter.

motorhome at Sun City RV
Our Phaeton motorhome at Sun City RV for sale

I got a call a few days ago from Sun City RV, where our 2012 Phaeton 40QTH motorhome is on consignment sale. While it has not yet sold, they reported a lot of interest in it. As of that date there had been over 240 online clicks on the listing, and over 200 of them were unique (meaning a first-time visit). There had been at least one party that had done a lot of follow-through but did not make an offer to purchase. We are hoping that with the return of many snowbirds to the Valley, interest will pick up even more and that our dear motorhome will be sold. Continue reading Motorhome sale update. Yard sale cleanup. Elaine somewhat better. Newsletter.

$91 plus. Elaine up and down.

We finished our yard sale a little early today – just after noon. I had 12-15 people stop by our sale and about half of them bought something. A couple were repeat customers from yesterday. All told, I finished the sale event with over $91 in proceeds, so it was a good sale. I estimate that about 2/3 of our stuff got sold. Some of the leftovers I will pitch, others I will store in a couple of tubs for the yard sale coming in March. However, there are four large-ticket items that I will advertise on Craigslist or similar. That will include the Iris Home Automation kit, the 36-volt golf cart battery saver, the Schlage deadbolt kit, and the tow bar to use with motorhomes. Continue reading $91 plus. Elaine up and down.

$73 plus. Elaine still down.

This was the first “official” day of my yard sale; tomorrow is the official Park-wide yard sale day for the Royal Palm Social Club. Our sale consists mostly of items cleared from our motorhome before putting it on the market, so a few days ago I let word be known to some in the RV community here in Royal Palm. As a result, I had customers coming by over the last few days – even ahead of my advertised start today. I had 6-8 customers prior to today, and 8-10 today. So far I have taken in $73 and change. Continue reading $73 plus. Elaine still down.


Elaine’s new organizer in place on her desk

Elaine has been busy off and on over the last couple of weeks reorganizing her craft workspace. She cleared out some space in her craft storage closet and she has rearranged her desk. She recently bought a desk organizer unit and assembled it today and set it up on her desk. I think this will allow her to keep tools and other items close to hand. Remember, she also has six desk drawers in which to keep tools, etc! The craft paper you see filed on top of the organizer was previously stored on edge in the space where the organizer sits. Continue reading Cardmaker.

Las Glorias Grill. Coyotes. WordPress membership sites.

Alfredos Combo
I had the Alfredos Combo – jalapeno marinated steak and shrimp

We have heard from others here in Royal Palm about how good the food is at Las Glorias Grill on N 19th Ave, just south of Northern. I have seen that restaurant hundreds of times over the last 14 years driving by and have always thought we should try it. Well, tonight we did, and it won’t be the last time! We both had excellent, tasty meals. I had the Alfredos Combo – a combination of grilled marinated steak and succulent shrimp, sautéed in a jalapeño butter sauce, atop a bed of rice, and it was one of the best Mexican dishes I have EVER had!

Elaine had Fajitas Supremas – very good

Elaine had the Fajitas Supremo – grilled steak, tender shrimp, and marinated chicken breast served on a sizzling bed of sautéed vegetables. She exclaimed about the flavors of it as well.

The restaurant has an unpretentious interior, but very comfortable. There were plenty of servers so everything moved along very smoothly. I started with a Long Island Iced Tea – never had one before and when I saw it on the menu I thought I would try it. Good. Elaine had a house margarita; good but not as good as the ones I make.

We have had a pair of coyotes in the Park over the last day or so. At first people were seeing only one, but today there were two. I sent out an alert message early this morning after Bill Schuling stopped by the house and told me about them. We haven’t seen them yet, but several people have told us about seeing them. In fact, Bill said the two were in our backyard this morning. We are very careful to be sure the boys are not in a position to become food! It will be interesting to see if the several rabbits in the Park survive.

I spent several hours researching WordPress plugins for managing organization memberships. The first problem I had was in finding the proper search terms to use. “Membership” brought up plugins that handle paid membership, and especially where there are products for sale. I tried “association” and it brought up dues-paying groups. After reading about the various plugins that came up with those searches I decided what I want is to have a custom member profile, so I used “profile” in a search and came up with at least four candidates. One was very expensive, two were moderately expensive, and one was free.

I ended up selecting the free one, mostly because it seemed to offer better features. Then I installed in on my SitePower test site and did some exploring. My conclusion is that probably none of them will provide the specialized features I need for the Violette Family Association web system, so I will have to write my own.

Perfume in the air. Tax meeting. Elaine hearing check.

citrus blossoms
Citrus blossoms and buds contribute a heady perfume to the air

It is that time of year when you immediately notice a distinct perfume in the air when you walk outside. That comes from the citrus fruit trees as they put out a new set of blossoms for the spring. We have orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees in Royal Palm so there are a mix of scents depending on where you are. The photo at right shows, if I remember correctly, lemon blossoms on a tree behind our neighbor’s house. Right next to it is a grapefruit tree. Continue reading Perfume in the air. Tax meeting. Elaine hearing check.

Elaine nails. Park gate is closed. Ladder on a rack.

The entry gates at Royal Palm now remain closed unless a vehicle is going in or out

Starting today, the entry gate to Royal Palm Community will be closed all the time instead of just from 6 PM to 6 AM. This is in response to a number of factors: an increase in traffic in and out of the gate having nothing to do with Royal Palm and its residents, an increase in transients entering the Park and the potential for mischief, and an increase in unease of Royal Palm residents. The Park is (or was) advertised as a gated community and many residents plus the new managers want it to be that way. This will require a change in a number of behaviors. Continue reading Elaine nails. Park gate is closed. Ladder on a rack.