Undercabinet LEDs – purple. Elaine reorganized shelves. Chicken Lombardy.

LED undercabinet lights
Our new cabinets now have LED light strips under them to cast a warm violet glow to the kitchen.

Pete finished up our kitchen undercabinet LED lights yesterday and we love ’em! Without the white elements on there is a soft violet glow, as shown in the photo. Adding the whites increased the lumen output and there is more usable light. I had hoped there would be more light output but am happy with what we have. Continue reading Undercabinet LEDs – purple. Elaine reorganized shelves. Chicken Lombardy.

Newsletter done and out. Reorganizing cupboards.

Elaine and pantry stuff
Elaine glaring at all the stuff from the pantry

I was in the rear bathroom this afternoon and suddenly heard lots of noise from the kitchen on the other side of the wall. I had a feeling I knew what was going on and sure enough, when I returned to the kitchen Elaine was madly taking stuff out of the pantry. She said she was tired of not knowing where things were and it was time to reorganize/organize. When she unloaded the boxes after the kitchen was done much was done in a hurry and without much thought of organization. Continue reading Newsletter done and out. Reorganizing cupboards.

Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.

Before: The kitchen with the temporary countertops.
After: The new granite countertops are in place

At long last, our kitchen countertops were installed today! And we are as pleased with our choice of granite material as we hoped we would be. The granite crew spent much of the day doing the install. Marv Fitchett was here all the time to help in preparing for the countertop install and to pitch in when needed. And now this evening Elaine is unpacking more boxes and putting things away in the kitchen; only seven boxes to go. She did not want to do that before the tops were finished. Now we get to make those decisions about how to arrange our kitchen and everything that goes into it. Continue reading Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.

Back in the turmoil. Setting up kitchen.

A view of the range and refrigerator area showing our temporary counter and new cabinets

We got back into activity quickly, or at least Elaine did. Immediately that we returned she had a sign project to do for an upcoming bazaar this Saturday. Yesterday she started unpacking kitchen stuff, at least enough for us to start living in our new kitchen for the next few days. You see, while our new cabinets are installed, our new countertops won’t be installed until next Tuesday! Marv did his work on schedule, but the company doing the countertops was slow in getting here to make the templates and then it will take 7-10 days to produce and install the countertops! Continue reading Back in the turmoil. Setting up kitchen.

Early flight. On to Cabo.

View from Gate 75 at SFO

4:15 AM comes all too soon, especially when we got to the hotel around 10:30 the night before! But that was the time for our wakeup call so we could catch the 5:00 shuttle to the airport in Phoenix. Our flight was at 7:00 AM and we needed to grab a bite to eat before boarding. We got checked in OK, but had a 10-15 minute wait for wheelchair drivers to take us to our gate. We got a brief breakfast and headed to our gate – it was crowded! Continue reading Early flight. On to Cabo.

Goodbye to the kids. Flight delay at PDX.

Dave, Cody, Elaine, Cora

We’ve had a great visit with Rachel, Destry , Cora, and Cody the last few days. But all good things come to an end, and we head back to Phoenix this afternoon. We started the day with breakfast (again) at Elmer’s after the young ones got off to daycare. Then back to the house where we did some document updates to file there with Destry and Rachel. Then we headed out to the airport with stops at Fred Meyer’s for ATM work and a stop for fuel for our rental car. Traffic was light and we made good time to PDX. Continue reading Goodbye to the kids. Flight delay at PDX.

Rachel birthday. Quiet day with kids.

Happy Birthday, Rachel. We took the family out to breakfast at – where else – Elmer’s Restaurant. Rachel and I had German Pancakes, Elaine had oatmeal, Destry had Chicken Fried Steak, and the young ones had oatmeal. It seemed we all enjoyed our fare; I know I did. I just had the plain German Pancake with butter and lemon; no other topping this time. Continue reading Rachel birthday. Quiet day with kids.

A great family Thanksgiving

at dinner
Elaine, Rachel, Destry, Thomas, Julia, Angelica

Destry’s two kids – Julia and Angelica – joined us today for a great Thanksgiving dinner and gathering. Angelica’s Ray had to work and could not make it. Julia’s Thomas and their three kids Shelbi, Amelia, and Abigail were here as well. Julia and Angelica brought dishes they had made to add to what Destry and Rachel had prepared and we had much left over. Continue reading A great family Thanksgiving