Fast Eddies breakfast. White chocolate M&Ms. Decorations packed. Driving peeve: signal use.

Fast Eddies breakfast

eat at Fast Eddies
One of the fun signs at Fast Eddie’s. I love their sense of humor!

Our Saturday breakfast out this morning was at Fast Eddie’s, at 35th Ave and W Bell Rd. This is one of our favorites. Elaine had a Denver Omelet and English Muffin, I had the Saturday Special: Chef’s Choice. Today the Chef chose to make a ham and spinach scramble with chopped tomatoes, served with hash browns. While I ordered an English Muffin, the wheat bread toast I got was quite good! There were two slices and I brought one home. I always like spinach in omelets and such, so that was a good choice the chef made for me. I picked out lots of little ham chunks to bring home for the boys instead of ordering sausage or such.

White chocolate M&Ms

white chocolate M&Ms
24-pack White Chocolate M&Ms from Amazon

Whenever Elaine is looking for M&Ms candies she always looks first for those with white chocolate. She seldom finds them in stores, though. She was able to recently, and had a 1.5 oz package on her side table the other day and we got to talking about them with Pete Petersen. So I immediately got on Amazon and found and purchased a 24-package box, 1.5 oz size packages! They came today. So now she should not run out soon, and when she does I know where to get more. They were reasonably priced at $16.41 for 24 packs.

Decorations packed

We spent a couple of hours this afternoon packing away the Christmas decorations taken down a few days ago. We still have to store them, but have to do some rearranging for that to happen. But at least everything is packed in tubs and ready for the next step.

Driving peeve: signal use

A practice that peeves me when driving is how some people either fail to use a turn signal or use it improperly. I was taught early in my driving “career” that turn signals should be used to indicate an INTENT to make a turning movement and, at least in Massachusetts back when I got my second license there around 1959 (first was in NH in 1955), should be turned on at least 400 feet ahead of making the turning movement.

So I get peeved when someone makes a turning movement or lane change WITHOUT using a turn signal.

I also get peeved when someone activates their turn signal as they are MAKING the turn.

Another peeve is when people are in a designated turn lane at a traffic signal and leave their blinkers going. Hey: you are in a right turn only lane – why do you have to tell people you are going to make a turn?

Of course then there are the cases of someone “making a left turn around the world”, as Elaine calls it when someone is driving down the road a great distance with their signals still on. It is distracting to other drivers.

Okay: peeves noted and expressed!

Fast Eddie’s Breakfast. Social Club meeting.

Fast Eddie's decor
The decor at Fast Eddie’s is always fun to view

Saturday morning breakfast out was at Fast Eddie’s Diner at 33rd Ave and W Bell this morning. We go there on occasion and always enjoy the atmosphere and the food. It is a fun place with lots of character; the photo shows examples of signs and photos seen on their walls – always humorous. Elaine discovered a part of the menu we had not seen before – half size meals! That suited us just fine, and she ordered the half size French toast with bacon and egg and I ordered the half waffle with bacon and scrambled eggs plus a couple of sausage links to have some to take home to the boys. Both meals came with cheesy hash browns, but we didn’t have much of those. Continue reading Fast Eddie’s Breakfast. Social Club meeting.

Fast Eddie’s. More newsletter. Bottle rack. Potluck.

Fast Eddie's decor
Some of the decor at Fast Eddie’s Restaurant

We went to Fast Eddie’s at N 33rd Ave and W Bell for breakfast this morning. We have been there often and enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Fast Eddie’s has an antique auto theme, with photos of old autos and their owners adorning the walls and other items in the auto theme as well. The sign shown in the photo is typical of the tongue-in-cheek attitude shown in some of the decorations. Continue reading Fast Eddie’s. More newsletter. Bottle rack. Potluck.