Purple daisies. Social Club meeting. Sending emails.

A pot of purple daisies that showed up in our front yard this morning by surprise.

We were shocked when we arrived home from the Social Club meeting late this morning to see a large pot in our front yard with lots of purple daisies blooming in it! It was a total mystery to us. Not expected, no idea who brought them to us. We learned later it was Bobby Fierros. We had talked with him last year about getting some of his roses, but it never materialized so maybe this was done instead. Thanks, Bobby!

Yes, it was monthly Social Club meeting time this morning. I had to explain to those attending the circumstances around the alert notice flap that occurred yesterday. The alert system I used allowed recipients to respond but their response ended up being sent to  all recipients – not what I wanted. What made this worse is that a few people posted many responses and some were rude and crude. I told folks this morning that the list had  been shut down temporarily yesterday at 5:00 and would not be restarted until I could find a way to avoid this situation happening again.

I did a lot of research today trying to find a plugin for WordPress (the RoyalPalmSocialClub.com web site runs on WordPress) that would allow one-direction mailing to a list, but was not able to find one. What’s more, while I could find plugins that will send emails and ones that will send text messages, I could find none that would send both and this is something our system needs.

So my next option will be to create one of my own, programmed in the PHP language. The systems I have tried so far worked independently from the web site, but now I want to tie it in so whomever runs the web site can also send those alert messages. I have a very capable emailing routine written in ASP.NET and running in some of my previous web sites and if the current site were working in ASP.NET I could easily add this to the site. But since I decided to change to WordPress, and WordPress runs on PHP, I cannot do that and will have to either start from scratch or rewrite my ASP.NET routines in PHP. Either will be a fun challenge!

Blooming flowers. Newsletter.

Our Ruellia blooms for one day then disappears. Others come along later.

“You’ve got a purple flower!” is a cry Elaine often hears from me after I come back from walking the dogs in the morning. There is a pot by the front of our deck that gets the morning sun and has been producing flowers on many days. I don’t know the name of this plant; it and some others were given to us by our neighbor across the street, Chino, who loves flowers and plants of all kinds. When we returned from our RV trip this spring we found all these plants happy in our front yard. That purple flower plant does not bloom every day, but has started blooming on most days. Only once or twice have there been two blossoms on the same day. And the blossoms last only one day, then fall off. Continue reading Blooming flowers. Newsletter.