shoveling stone
Andy shoveling stone, and Elaine picking up loose stone to toss into the yard

The stone for the front yard was delivered today, and Andy Goodhart and I got it spread in its final spot. The truck that delivered the stone from Pioneer Sand was too large to be able to dump directly into the yard, so I had him dump in three piles on the sidewalk and street in front. But that meant it all had to be shoveled from the street into the yard. I pitched in and did some shoveling – about 800-1000 pounds of it – but Andy did the rest of the 3000-3200 pounds. Yes, I was tired. Oh, and Elaine laid claim to 6-8 chunks of stone placed in the yard. Continue reading Stoning.

Sierra Mist selected. Halibut from Costco. Newsletter done.

We selected the Sierra Mist white stone for our front yard today, from Pioneer Sand‘s plant on W Northern Ave. This is the whitest stone we could find here in the Valley, though I think we could have bought some white quartz in Tucson. Just not practical to get it here from Tucson! We saw some here in the Park that we thought was Sierra Mist, but took a ride out to the plant this morning to see it for ourselves. They will deliver it when we are ready to place it. Sorry – I forgot to take a photo while we were there.

Elaine went to Costco this afternoon to get some prunes and some tuna. She came back with those and much more, including some fresh halibut which we had for supper tonight. Pete went along, and while he did no shopping for himself he did select a cheese he thought I would like (I did). She also found a pair of stainless steel vacuum containers in which to carry her iced tea and other drinks. The plastic ones she has been using have not done a good job, but it looks like this new steel one will work well. She took it to the pool this afternoon to give it a test.

newsletter cover
Cover of the June issue of The Palm Press. Click on the image to download the file.

I got the newsletter completed this morning and took it to UPS to be printed, then picked it up this afternoon. You can download the newsletter in PDF format by clicking on the cover image at the right.

Front yard and planter work. No stones. Board meeting.

I worked on a lot of little things today related to our front yard project.

I cut some 1×1 pieces to use for corner reinforcement on the planter and to use to mount a sign we will attach to the center of the planter, and I painted them to  match the planter color.

I modified the drip system for the hanging pots on the front of our awning. We added a hanging pot so I added a tee for a drip line to that pot.

I attached the post cap on the last post recently installed. Continue reading Front yard and planter work. No stones. Board meeting.

Plants planted, post set. Dental work done.

Andy Goodhart was here after lunch and dug the hole for the eighth post in the front yard as well as for several of the plants we bought recently. So the last post is set and three plants are planted. Elaine and I worked out the start of the plant arrangement for the front yard, which includes the two lantanas, the sweet pea, and the ruellias. He’ll be back tomorrow to plant the remaining items and to spread the excavated dirt smooth to make it ready for fabric and new stone cover. Continue reading Plants planted, post set. Dental work done.

Plants, chains, and caps.

Three lantana plants for our front yard garden

So as to keep me from continuing in an untruth, Elaine today bought another purple lantana plant! Yesterday I had reported that she had bought two, but it was only one. I was fooled because she had set it next to the one we already had that had been blooming in whites, yellows, and oranges, but has now started blooming in purple! Trying to fit in, I suppose. You can see them in the photo: the one in back and the one to the right are the new ones, while the one to the left and in a square pot is the old one. Continue reading Plants, chains, and caps.

Mother’s Day lunch. Shopping at The Home Depot. Front yard work.

at Smashburger
Elaine at Smashburger. She’s talking on the phone with Destry.

It was her choice, so we had Mother’s Day lunch at Smashburger. Smashburger is Elaine’s favorite burger place, and she especially likes the Avocado Club Burger (Fresh avocado, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing & mayo on a multi-grain bun) with Veggie Frites (Fresh green beans & carrot strips, flash fried). I had a Buffalo and Blue Cheese Burger (Frank’s® RedHot® Buffalo Sauce, blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato & mayo on an egg bun) with Fried Pickles (Garlic pickles battered & fried). The was our first time trying the Fried Pickles; they were OK but not an outstanding choice for me.

new plants
A hanging basket of portulaca and some new plants in the planter beyond.

Earlier this morning Elaine, Kerby, Gizmo, and I had gone shopping at The Home Depot for some front yard stuff. We needed some additional plants for one of the planter boxes and Elaine also wanted some for the ground level. She picked out a couple of purple lantana pots for ground level; these shrubs grow well in Arizona and will expand and spread. You can see them in the photo below.

white chain
My first try on attaching the white plastic chain to the black posts. There will be two runs of chain between each pair of posts.

We also got the base hardware for the eighth post, and bought the white chain and hardware to attach it to the posts. We bought screw eyes for one end of each chain segment and screw hooks for the other end. The chains will be permanently attached to the eyes but can be removed at the hook end for whatever purpose. When I first experimented with the attachments I was not happy with the screw hooks because of their length; they stood out to far from the post face. But I realized later that all I have to do is screw them in further! Duh!


Posts are in. John is off. Glasses fixed. Newsletter.

I went to Nationwide Vision this morning to get the screw in my glasses fixed. The screw holding the left lens has loosened three times now, letting the lens fall out. They replaced the screw with one that has glue on it, hoping that will stay in better. She also suggested that I use two hands to take my glasses off and put them on.

mixing concrete
Andy mixing concrete in which to set the post bases

The next step in our front yard project is done – we now have seven black posts, two feet high, around our front yard. The next step is to add solar post tops and two rows of white chain hung between the posts. Andy got the job done in about two hours; I had the posts ready to be installed. Andy used a posthole digger to make the seven holes in some tough ground. I had been soaking the surface for a couple of days but it had not penetrated far, so he had to add more water as he dug to help soften the soil. Continue reading Posts are in. John is off. Glasses fixed. Newsletter.

Edge is in. Working on posts. Computer to Geek Squad.

Our front yard now has a violet (Violette?) border

Andy installed our new landscaping border today, so another part of our front yard project is done. I have some touch-up painting to do and a couple of spots to fix, but that part is done. As you can see in the photo, the edging color matches the trim color on the house. Continue reading Edge is in. Working on posts. Computer to Geek Squad.