More rope lights. Lab and shopping. Prescriptions timing.

More rope lights

more rope lights
I added the rope lights on the deck railings today plus some added ornaments hanging from the edge of the awning

The second and third set of rope lights came in today, so I installed them this afternoon. One rope extends from the rope on the planter boxes, wraps around the top rail on front of the deck and the stair railing, and ends on the rail post. The other starts at the stairs end of the top rail along the main part of the deck and wraps its way as far as it will go. Both ropes are 24-foot with violet LED lights. They are sold by Lamplust on Amazon. I discovered after receiving the first rope that you can join together up to seven of these ropes. This would give you about 170 feet of lights. Continue reading More rope lights. Lab and shopping. Prescriptions timing.

A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.

sunset and moon
Another glorious sunset here in Phoenix, accompanied by a sliver moon.

Occasionally I comment about, and show photos of, our Arizona sunsets. Tonight it was so bright and brilliant I had to share once again. Our mostly clear skies that have clouds on the western horizon late in the day create conditions for these great sunsets. We also have conditions in the morning for great sunrises, but they are harder to take photos of because of the mountains to the east of the Valley. That is why you are most likely to see sunset photos here. Continue reading A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.

Shed addition. Women’s Club. A visit to Chase Bank. Shopping at JoAnn’s, Hi-Health, and Fry’s.

shed addition
The addition to the rear of our shed has been finished

Marv finished his work on our shed addition today. It is now painted to match our existing shed and our house, and fits in quite well. Now it is my turn; I have to add the storage shelving inside as well as the padlocks for the doors. I am looking forward to getting those tasks done so we can start sorting out the plastic tubs now stored in the middle of the shed itself. That is mostly stuff from our motorhome, and we need to go through it to determine what to keep and what to get rid of. Royal Palm Social Club will hold a community yard sale on November 11th, and we want to have stuff ready to sell then. Continue reading Shed addition. Women’s Club. A visit to Chase Bank. Shopping at JoAnn’s, Hi-Health, and Fry’s.

Antifurl flag pole. Fry’s, Costco, shopping.

Grace Alley flagpole
My new Grace Alley tangle-free flagpole will keep my flag from wrapping around the pole, I hope.

While I have enjoyed having the US flag on the front of our house, I was not happy that the flag would get wrapped around the pole when blown in the wind. This was because it was fastened tight at the top with no way to move around the pole as the wind blew. That pole was a simple wooden one, so I bought a different one from Grace Alley on Amazon that is designed to prevent that. This one is made with a two-piece pole and the upper half is free to rotate around its central shaft and this is intended to keep the flag flying free. We’ll see if it works. The flag I had bought does not have grommets for fastening it to the flagpole so I will have to modify it by adding grommets. In the meantime I just cut small slots for the fasteners to attach. Continue reading Antifurl flag pole. Fry’s, Costco, shopping.

Look Back: Virginia City NV. Temperature dropping. Board meeting.

Delta Saloon
The Delta Saloon on C Street in Virginia City NV. The famous Suicide Table is located here.

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] On September 20, 2011, Elaine and I and Kerby visited Virginia City NV in our motorhome. We got a chance to explore some of the historic places in this old silver mining center and took in the atmosphere of the town. One place I enjoyed more than anything else was the 4th Ward School Museum. Lots of history shown there on several floors, telling the story of Virginia City and its many famous players. The photo shows C Street – the main street in Virginia City – and the historic Delta Saloon. The famous Suicide Table in the Delta is where (at least) three people died by their own hand as a result of gambling losses. Continue reading Look Back: Virginia City NV. Temperature dropping. Board meeting.

OurHous to storage. Shopping.

OurHous behind bars. Well, only in storage as it turns out.

We moved OurHous into storage today. I had done enough with it on an RV space to get it ready and it was time to make the move. It took me about 15 minutes to get it done! I decided that this time I would store it with the rear facing south to limit sunlight on the windshield side. All I had to do was disconnect the water and electric lines, stow them, and bring in the slides. Once in the storage spot I brought down all the night shades, opened the refrigerator and freezer doors, and opened two of our roof vents to relieve heat buildup. Those two vents have covers over them to prevent rain from coming in. Continue reading OurHous to storage. Shopping.

Fuel points. OurHous. Samsung tablet.

I pulled up to the pump at Fry’s yesterday and found we had no fuel points available to use. That was a surprise to me, since we regularly shop at Fry’s on purpose to get those fuel points. Then, when checking out inside I saw that we had 250 fuel points showing on the receipt. I stopped at customer service in the store to try to figure that out, but got nowhere with the staff there who treated me like I was stupid. So this morning I did some digging and finally figured out what happened. And then I got on the phone and made further changes to get it all straightened out. Continue reading Fuel points. OurHous. Samsung tablet.