Cold, windy, cold, long.

at ATL
A sunset sky through the D Terminal windows at ATL tonight

The day dawned bright and sunny in Lucaya, Grand Bahama, but with a fairly strong wind blowing as it was yesterday. We started with a temp of around 54° this morning, a far cry from the more salubrious temps in the 70s we had last week. This drop was due to the severe chill that also affected the Atlantic coastal areas and brought snow to parts of Florida. By flight time – 1:30 pm – it had warmed to 58° with the wind even stronger. We got checked out of Lighthouse Pointe in good order; it was easy. The Bresters, Alvin and Angel, had arranged for a taxi to the airport, which we shared with them. Continue reading Cold, windy, cold, long.

Atlanta: mixed emotions.

Our flight yesterday from Phoenix was delayed about ½ hour, getting us into Atlanta later than we hoped. We were staying overnight in Atlanta and have an 11:00 am flight out to Freeport, Bahamas. We got through baggage claim and headed out for a shuttle bus to our hotel. What a shock when we walked out the door into 35° weather with a 5-10 mph wind! I was dressed in my usual shorts and short-sleeved shirt; after all, we are headed to Bahamas! Elaine at least had long pants on and a long-sleeved shirt. We had to stand waiting for the shuttle for about 20 minutes, and tried to find the most sheltered spot we could. Continue reading Atlanta: mixed emotions.

Look back: Rosson House

front view
The front view of Rosson House

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] In November 2010 we visited the historic Rosson House in Phoenix’s Heritage and Science Park. This elegant Victorian home shows what life was like for many in early Phoenix. When built, it was on the outskirts of Phoenix though today it is part of the downtown area. You can get a guided tour of the home and get good descriptions of what like was like in the 1895 era. Dr Rosson was active in early Phoenix politics and was a city leader. You can read my story from that visit at Continue reading Look back: Rosson House