A Thank You Dinner. A sun streak. More web work.

A Thank You Dinner

Diners at the Thank You Dinner tonight.

We were invited tonight by Gail Brazell to a thank you dinner for those who helped with the recent Taco Dinner event here at Royal Palm. About thirteen of us gathered at the Clubhouse to enjoy salad and lasagna and cake, and it was delicious. The place was decorated in an Italian restaurant theme – in keeping with the lasagna – and she had Italian music playing in the background. The latter was a nice touch. We enjoyed the company and had a good time.

We were also invited to a Super Bowl party, but neither of us felt we wanted to take on more food or snacking, so we went home. Elaine is napping while I am writing this, in fact. Continue reading A Thank You Dinner. A sun streak. More web work.

Newsletter work. Still coughing. Instant Pot cooking.

Newsletter work

I spent most of the day wrapping up the Royal Palm newsletter today, and printed out a copy late this afternoon for Elaine and me to review. She did her review and I will do mine later on. Tomorrow I will do the fixes and print it out for the other reviewers. This issue has 22 pages, down from 26 last month, and it took some creative editing to get everything to fit in. We are trying to keep the newsletter costs down and within the ad revenue, and this issue should be close. At this point I am pleased with the final results. Continue reading Newsletter work. Still coughing. Instant Pot cooking.

Boys are happy. First day home.

We arrived home around 12:15 am this morning, via Uber ride from the Phoenix airport. We got out of the car and Elaine headed for the house while the driver and I got the luggage out from the rear. She says she walked in the door and it took a few seconds to get a reaction from the boys, but then Gizmo and Kerby were all over her. They followed her into the kitchen, excited as can be, with Gizmo dancing and Kerby being as excited as his old body would allow. In a minute or two Gizmo headed for the door to see if I was there, too. Continue reading Boys are happy. First day home.

Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.

Elaine feeling better

I am happy to report that Elaine has been gaining back her health slowly, a little each day. She has been more chipper each day, though she still tires as the day wears her down. Over the last couple of days she has gone with me on trips outside the house for activities such as shopping. Today she even went to the craft session at the Clubhouse. That involved a flurry of activity in getting prepared and assembling the materials and tools she wanted to bring with her. She stayed for a couple of hours, getting back home around 1:00. But she was tired this afternoon. Continue reading Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.

Elaine: better. Board meeting. Church’s Chicken. Newsletter ads.

Good to see that Elaine is feeling better and stronger! She felt good enough to go to the Royal Palm Social Club Board meeting this morning. That was a great effort for her, but she handled it well. She knew she was not over the infection problem as her mind was still fuzzy, but she got through the two-hour session. She was glad to get back home, though, and she spent most of the afternoon in her recliner. Continue reading Elaine: better. Board meeting. Church’s Chicken. Newsletter ads.

Busy day. Neighbor update.

Interior at Kiss The Cook
The interior at Kiss The Cook is kitschy-cute

“Every meal served with a kiss!” That’s the motto at Kiss The Cook (KTC), a favorite restaurant on W Glendale Ave in Glendale and where we went for breakfast this morning. The kiss, of course, is a Hershey’s Kiss placed on your bill at the end of the meal. The decor at KTC is eclectic, with mostly kitschy antiques and household items. We ate inside, but they also have outside seating. On Saturdays you should plan to get there by 7:45 AM at the latest, for it gets quite busy after 8:00! Continue reading Busy day. Neighbor update.

Hectic day. Newsletter.

It was a busy and hectic day today! I started off putting on the finishing touches to the Royal Palm newsletter, then took it to UPS for printing around 8:30 this morning. When they brought it up on the screen there we noted a problem with the front page; the masthead is supposed to have a faded-back photo of the entry sign with the words The Palm Press superimposed near the top. However, the photo was not faded, so the name did not show up well. I headed back home and worked on that, finding that I  had not used the correct PDF printing routine to produce the file I took to the printer. Once I used the correct driver the front page came out properly. Then back to UPS again. It was a busy morning for them with only one person on duty, so it took a while before the project was a go. I got home around 10:00. Continue reading Hectic day. Newsletter.