Dinner at Anzio’s. Well don’t do that.

Dinner at Anzio’s

lemon cod dinner
My Lemon Cod dinner and our Coconut Macadamia Nut Shrimp appetizer

One of Pete’s Picks in the last Royal Palm newsletter was Anzio’s Italian Restaurant, so we decided to try it out tonight. We invited Pete (Petersen), Agnes Volk, and Mitzi Wrona but Pete Petersen could not go with us. It turned out that this was one of Agnes and Mitzi’s favorite places to eat! We had never heard of it before Pete listed it. But we are certain to go back again.

Elaine had Lobster Ravioli (Ravioli Stuffed W/ Maine Lobster & Cheese, Covered W/ A Creamy Vodka Sauce & Topped W/ Cheese) and I had the Baked Fish Dinner (North Atlantic Cod Baked In A Lemon Butter Sauce & Served W/ Fresh Vegetables). Both were excellent, and we had lots to take home as leftovers. I also ordered the Coconut Macadamia Nut Shrimp (Battered, Tossed In Macadamia Nuts & Coconut & Lightly Fried) to share as an appetizer. Mitzi and Agnes each got a 7-inch pizza, and I must say they looked good.

Well don’t do that

I was reminded today of an old joke. A fellow goes to his doctor and when asked what was wrong he raised his right arm and told the doctor “It hurts when I do this!” “Well, don’t do that,” his doctor replied! It came to mind after visiting a surgeon about possibly having gall bladder surgery.

During a recent ultrasound exploration of my right stomach area to search for the source of pain that I experienced on occasion over the last few months they found that I have two gallstones. Over time I determined that the pain only comes when I eat more than a certain amount and I have learned to limit my intake at any time to stay below that amount. Not always successfully, I must say.

Dr Rodriguez explained to me how the gall bladder functions and why gallstones would cause this problem. He also explained the surgical procedures for gall bladder removals (laparoscopic or open surgery). However, he suggested that if I can control the situation with eating patterns perhaps surgery was not called for. I opted for that route.