Weather or not. Last full day at Lighthouse Pointe.

Elaine, Kenley, deck chairs
Elaine and Kenley enjoying the sun on the pool deck

Our day started with overcast and winds, though it did warm up from yesterday’s cooler weather – 72° instead of 68 or so. There was a light rain this morning so we kept under cover on our way to breakfast. But by mid morning the clouds had blown away and it turned sunny, so off to the pool area we headed where we joined Taylor and Kenley and later Morgan and Ryan. We got a good three hours of sunshine in before another storm rolled in and the wind blew harder and the rain came down. That was a good break, though, and we got to enjoy the last of our full days here at Lighthouse Pointe. Continue reading Weather or not. Last full day at Lighthouse Pointe.

Dinner with Shauna and Casey

Shauna and Casey dinner
Dinner with Shauna and Casey tonight

We got to spend their last night here with Shauna and Casey, and for something special we went to the small off the menu restaurant, Capri, here at the complex. Unlike the buffet Italian restaurant next door, Portobello’s, you have to be more than casually dressed to eat at Capri. So we got on long pants and shoes that were not sandals, and headed there for supper. It was a great meal, and we enjoyed the company!  Continue reading Dinner with Shauna and Casey

A tour of Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama from space
This photo from space shows the central and western portions of Grand Bahama Island. The Lucayan resort area is in the darkish area just to the east of the lower curve of the island. (WikiCommons File:EFS highres STS091 STS091-731-32.JPG)

I kicked myself (figuratively) when I realized toward the end of our tour of Grand Bahama Island today that though I had my smartphone in my hands most of the time I failed to take one photo! We had arranged for a tour with a driver (Brice) and I got so involved in asking questions and listening to his answers and to seeing the things he was describing that it never occurred to me to take photos! What I did use my Galaxy S8+ for was to display a constantly-updating Google Map, so I could see where we were on the Island. Continue reading A tour of Grand Bahama Island