Family breakfast. On the road again.

group at breakfast
The Ogden group at breakfast

It was leaving day for Destry’s family and for Elaine and me. They are returning to Gladstone OR, we are returning to Phoenix AZ.  Taylor Dockter will be leaving soon for Missoula MT. So the Ogden family got together one last time for this visit, and had breakfast at The Viaduct Grill in Green River. This is where Johnna Ogden works and her daughter Tara does as well; Tara was our server this morning. The food was good and the company was excellent. We filled quite a table, as you can see in the photo! Continue reading Family breakfast. On the road again.

It is a cold, Chicken Noodle Soup day

cold temp
It was cold this morning in Green River WY!

(Note: I forgot to publish this on Friday, but here it is.) We did not need this reminder of why we moved to Phoenix back in 2000! We woke up to severe cold temperatures, as in -27° on the thermometer! Yes, we have experienced such temperatures and worse in the past. And yes, we were thankful on behalf of those who had to go out that there was not much wind much of the time. Further, we will be happy to be back in Phoenix in a few days! Continue reading It is a cold, Chicken Noodle Soup day

67 degree difference. On the road.

From -26° to +41° – that was our range today, a 67° difference. It started in Green River WY at that lower temperature. Even though our Equinox started OK yesterday at -27°, the battery refused to turn the engine over this morning. But Casey pulled his Jeep out of the garage and with jumper cables the Equinox started right away. Casey and Shauna and Elaine and I then headed to The Hitching Post, a restaurant in Green River, where we met with Shane and had breakfast. We were on the road about 9:00. Continue reading 67 degree difference. On the road.

R.I.P. Jo Behrman. Snow and cold.

May she rest in peace. Jo Behrman (Elaine’s sister) died peacefully this morning around 7:45. She had been moved from the care center yesterday afternoon about 2:00, so at least she was at home in familiar surroundings with all her smells and sounds. She was still in the same position throughout the night, though, as she was when she arrived; she was comatose and she did not respond to voices at all. What was important was that she was home, where she wanted to be. Continue reading R.I.P. Jo Behrman. Snow and cold.