Abuelo’s. Tablet backup.

This is the entrance view at Abuelo’s. The statue is in the middle of a seating area and there are seating areas on the three other sides.

Abuelo’s offers great Tex-Mex cuisine. We ate there tonight with Nancy and Bill Schuling; it is one of their favorite places and they used to live in that part of Peoria so ate there in the past. I took Elaine there for lunch a few weeks ago and we have been wanting to return for a supper meal. It didn’t take much to convince Bill and Nancy to join us; we just had to wait for an opportunity when Bill was off duty so we could do it. Ah, but the wait was worth it, for the meal was great as was the company. Continue reading Abuelo’s. Tablet backup.

Tablet backup and sync.

I struggled most of the day with a thorny problem: how to backup Elaine’s Scatter Slots game data and status from her Samsung Tab 2 tablet. We are going to have to send it to Samsung for battery replacement and we don’t know if this information will get lost in the process. And we don’t want to take a chance that it will get lost. She has been using that app for a year or more and has gained substantial status points and has invested some dollars in it as well. We certainly don’t want her to have to start over, after all those hours spent with this fun game. Continue reading Tablet backup and sync.