A chair and float boards did the trick. Newsletter ad sales.

Remember I said yesterday I can’t get the dressing wet on the surgery site on my back? I still wanted to go to the pool to at least enjoy the sun and water and company. When I first got there I tried sitting on the pool steps and was able to sit high enough to keep the wound above water. But I soon found that this exposed my skin above water to the hot sun and I worried about sunburn. Never had that problem when totally immersed! But Elaine came to my rescue with a solution. Continue reading A chair and float boards did the trick. Newsletter ad sales.

Bingo Cushion. Allergies lessened. O’Reilly Auto Parts. Web work.

Bingo cushion
The Bingo Cushion Raffle flyer I made this afternoon

Gail Brazell called this afternoon and after apologizing for the short notice asked if I could make a flyer for her. She and others who run the Bingo operation here at Royal Palm had done some shopping this afternoon and they found seat cushions for sale. The one that caught their attention had Bingo sheets imprinted on it. These cushions would be good for stadium seats but also for typical folding chairs such as are found in Bingo parlors. While the folding chairs in our Royal Palm clubhouse are much more comfortable than others, I am sure they can get tiring after a time. So the Bingo team will raffle off the first one they bought today and, if successful, may purchase more for raffling in the future. Ticket prices are shown in the flyer. The proceeds will go to the Social Club, which sponsors the Bingo operation here. Bingo runs every Thursday evening and Elaine is a regular. Continue reading Bingo Cushion. Allergies lessened. O’Reilly Auto Parts. Web work.

Deck and a half Pinochle. Web work.

Elaine was invited to play the resurrected Pinochle game here in Royal Palm. Apparently there used to be a group that played the game regularly but it quit some time ago for some reason. Last week was the first time back, and she said there was an enthusiastic group of four. As anyone knows who has played Pinochle in more than one place, there are several Pinochle versions so one thing this group must do is to agree on what set of rules and standards of play they will use. I guess that brought some lively discussion last week! Continue reading Deck and a half Pinochle. Web work.

Cheeses. Taxes. SitePower.

Toscana with Black Pepper, Cheddar, Gruyere, Cheddar and Gruyere, Havarti, Dill Havarti, JalapeƱo Havarti, Irish Cheddar, Muenster, Swiss, Pepperjack, Habanero Pepperjack, Jarlsberg, Gouda, Smoked Gouda – these are just some of the cheeses I have been eating lately. I like cheese, but Elaine doesn’t care for cheese as much. I usually have two slices in my sandwich at lunch and I often have a chunk with supper. As I reported a few days back Gizmo likes cheese as well, as does Kerby. So I share some small bites of my supper cheese with them. Continue reading Cheeses. Taxes. SitePower.

New glasses. Violette Family website rework.

Dave Violette, new glasses

My old glasses were getting scratched and then the left bow broke at the hinge, so it was time for new ones. I went to Nationwide Vision last week and they called to tell me the new glasses were in late this afternoon. So off I went after supper and picked them up. I think they got the prescription correct; upper zone for computer work, lower zone for reading (I don’t need glasses for distance vision). I know better in this coming week. Continue reading New glasses. Violette Family website rework.

Pappadeaux with John. Dog wash.

John, Elaine, and Dave at Pappadeaux

When John knew he would be staying over again tonight, he requested of his Mom that we go to “that seafood place you like so much” for supper. He remembers that I occasionally write about going to Pappadeaux, so that is where we went. I think he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we are glad we went. Elaine had a lobster, John Pasta Mardi Gras, and I had Shrimp and Scallops over Orecchiette pasta with jumbo lump crab & asparagus in a creamy Parmesan vodka sauce. We had plenty to bring home for tomorrow. Continue reading Pappadeaux with John. Dog wash.

Women’s Club. Errands. HostGator.

Women’s Club meeting today

Elaine attended the Royal Palm Women’s Club meeting this morning and came back with notes for me to include in the upcoming newsletter. The Club is planning for their Annual Christmas Bazaar, and we will be back in time for it. The Women’s Club meets twice a month from October through May. Continue reading Women’s Club. Errands. HostGator.

Gizmo good eye report. HostGator. Bearizona.

Gizmo got a good report from his eye doctor today! It has been two weeks since we took him to Eye Care for Animals because of a swelling on the cornea of his left eye. Dr Sigler prescribed an eye salve which I have been applying to his left eye three times a day. Dr Sigler said there has been an improvement, and we can see the reduction in swelling as well. He must have the salve for another month, though on a reduced dosage. Good news! Continue reading Gizmo good eye report. HostGator. Bearizona.

Ethernet hub. Bill Schuling. WordPress expansion.

My Ethernet hub allows up to four devices to connect.

Ethernet is the wired system for connecting computers and devices, and was the only way prior to wireless (WiFi) becoming popular. And Ethernet remains the most reliable and fastest when it can be used. I had our house wired so that Ethernet cables were run to the office so we could connect our computers there. But only one of the four ports was working, so only one device (my computer) could be connected. I bought an Ethernet hub which solves that problem by splitting the one connection with up to four uses. Continue reading Ethernet hub. Bill Schuling. WordPress expansion.