Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

tablet stand
Elaine using her new tablet stand. It holds her tablet (or phone) so she does not have to hold it in her hands.

Elaine uses her tablet or her smartphone much of the time while sitting in her recliner. In the past she just held the device in her hands, but she complained that after some time her hands would hurt. Granddaughter Taylor told her about an expandable button that can be attached to the back of the phone or tablet around which you place a couple of fingers and this avoids having to grip the tablet or phone. I got her one of those and it worked fine, but her fingers still got tired. Then she spotted a different device intended for the same purpose and I ordered that. She has used it now for a couple of days and seems to like it. Continue reading Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

Thanks, Tom and Marlys. Rod genealogy. Card making. Computer back.

light post
The light post Tom and Marlys James made for us. Elaine added the greenery.

I have been so busy reporting about planter and front yard activities that I forgot to show you a front yard attraction made for us recently by Tom and Marlys James. They are friends from our RVing days, and Tom is on the board of the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club. Over the years they have made front yard light posts for their RV friends, and several years ago they gave us one. I put it out at every campground we stopped at, but one time someone stole it from our yard. So Tom and Marlys made another for us and gave it to us when we met with them at the recent FCOC rally in Mesa. We hope it won’t be stolen from our current front yard! We will add a name sign to this, probably at the bottom. Continue reading Thanks, Tom and Marlys. Rod genealogy. Card making. Computer back.

Breakfast in the Park. Elaine card class. Newsletter done, except for proofing.

Yum, yum. Biscuit and sausage gravy, scrambled egg with cheese, sausages, bacon, blueberry pancake – THAT’s what’s for breakfast. And there were other choices I passed up such as fruit cups and beverages. A great deal for $5 each. Attendance was down today since the RVers are leaving the Park, but we still got to have breakfast with friends.

Around 11:00 Elaine headed to Sun City West to attend a card class at The Paper Collage with Jan Ostlund. She had a good time and got back around 5:30. This will be the last class with Jan until Jan returns from Minnesota this fall, but Elaine will continue. In fact, she will be going to another class next Wednesday.

My day was spent working on wrapping up the newsletter. I should have had it completed a couple of days ago, but I lost sight of the calendar and the dates. I got it done today, though, and delivered it to the reviewers/checkers this evening. I’ll get their comments back by end of day tomorrow. I’ll have it ready to go to the printer on Monday, and it will get delivered on Tuesday, one day later than normal.

This issue had some space planning needed. I started out with it being 22 pages; I needed an inserted page due to two ads in color beyond those on the covers. As I worked on it today I decided I really needed to add another page to show some of the latest changes around Royal Palm, so that meant adding two pages since there was no sense having a blank page. I had originally planned to leave out the Senior Resources page for space considerations, but added it back in to fill that added blank page. It was a scramble to develop that content but I got it done. Now it will end up being 24 pages, including two inserted sheets.

When I got to the pool this afternoon Bill Russell and Marty House were there as well as a friend of Marty’s, Rex. I had no sooner gotten in the water when Marty and Bill wanted to hear more about my interview with Forrest Sessions for the Royal Palm Spotlight page. I guess they had read about it in my blog entry yesterday. So I gave them some more details and they seemed to enjoy hearing them. When I was done, Marty asked if I was recording my interviews; I said I was not and that I only took notes from which to prepare the story. But Marty pointed out that recording the interviews could provide a valuable resource and that they could even be offered to a TV station for a local color piece. Such publicity might be good for Royal Palm, he said. That’s food for thought; I have never done recorded interviews, only taken notes and writing with the help of memory.

Elaine the card maker. Making snowmen. Another load.

Cards Elaine made today

Elaine was off to another craft class at The Paper Collage today with Jan Ostlund. This one was a card-making class; you can see some of her results in the photo. Nothing special about the techniques or the project; it was just a make-and-take class. They have these every Wednesday. Elaine says it is good to just go and socialize and not have to listen to a lot of instructions and complications. Continue reading Elaine the card maker. Making snowmen. Another load.

Elaine and the box. Breakfast in the Park. More drips. Database progress.

craft box
The box Elaine made today. It is designed to hold custom cards and/or envelopes.

Elaine and Jan Ostlund took a class at The Paper Collage, a craft store in Sun City West, today. This one was on making a paper box designed to hold paper cards and envelopes. It’s a neat design, and can be customized with different papers and designer covers. I can imagine this being used to hold custom cards and envelopes made for sale or for gifting. The ribbon you see above it can be used to wrap the box for closure. While it looked good to me, Elaine was not satisfied with this, her first effort. But I know it will improve with the next ones!

This being the first Saturday of the month, it was time for Breakfast in the Park. We attended, along with over 65 other people, so it was a great success. As usual, the meal was great and was easy to overeat.

drip feeds
These four planter pots now have drip irrigation, fed by the 1/2-inch pipe you see on the ground and with individual 1/4-inch drip feeds leading from it.

I did some more work on our drip irrigation system today. Yesterday I went to Ace Hardware on W Glendale Ave to purchase a couple of tools I forgot to get before and to get a different kind of drip head. I needed a tool to punch the holes in the ½-inch supply piping for connecting the barb fittings, and I also got a ratcheting cutter for pipe.

I tried to make the first connection to the ½-inch pipe but was not able to push the barb connector into the pipe wall. Grrr. I figured I would have to get someone with more strength to do those for me, but later this afternoon I thought of using pliers to hold the barb fitting while doing the pushing and it worked fine. No help needed.

So then I went on and did the drip lines for the five pots we have out front. In the four at the right in the photo I used regular 1 gallon per hour (gph) drip heads, but on the larger pot on the left I used an adjustable spray head since the pot is larger. I tested, and no leaks. Then I set the controller to run this zone twice a week for an hour at 7:00 AM. I still have to place a drip line to the tray in front of the larger pot; I will try a soaker line for that.

I am excited about the progress I am making on the new database system under WordPress for the Violette Family Association membership. I am using the Participants Database WordPress plugin. I had to work my way through several setup glitches, figuring out how to set things up and how to make corrections or changes when I want to do something different. It’s a learning curve situation, but I  am quickly getting stronger and more confident.

Ladders. Tickets. Elaine class with Jan.

My tall stepladder now hangs on the side of the house and out of the way

Today I mounted one of the ladder brackets we bought at The Home Depot and hung my tall stepladder from it. I had been storing the ladder by leaning it against the front of the shed and on the patio, but now it hangs on the house wall just behind our bedroom window. It is out of the way but easy to get to. I also hung our short stepladder on the railing of our back porch, making it easy to get to from inside the house. Elaine uses that short one most often to reach the higher cabinets in the kitchen. Continue reading Ladders. Tickets. Elaine class with Jan.

Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.

Elaine and Jan
Elaine and Jan clinking margarita glasses in the craft room

Elaine finally got the call about mid afternoon; Jan Ostlund had tried three times before and we had not been at home any of those times and Elaine never noticed she had received those calls. But it was not too late – she invited Jan to come over to do some craft stuff and she arrived shortly after. They had a great time for several hours – perhaps lubricated by the margaritas I made for them early on – and then we headed to Pei Wei for supper. Great to see Jan again! Continue reading Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.

Sausage frittata. Potluck supper. Elaine card class. Christmas put away.

Happy Birthday, Elaine!

My sausage frittata

It was potluck night at Royal Palm tonight, and about 40 residents were there to enjoy the feast. Since Elaine was gone to a card class this afternoon I decided to create our contribution. After tossing around ideas for a while last night I decided on a frittata. Why not! I’ve never made one before but I sure enjoy them! It must have been a hit, because the platter was empty before the meal was over. Continue reading Sausage frittata. Potluck supper. Elaine card class. Christmas put away.

Celebrate Dave Day! Longmire.

Jan giving her tribute as we all gathered in preparation for a toast to our dear friend, Dave Ostlund.

We went to a Celebrate Dave Day event at Jan Ostlund’s tonight. Her husband, Dave Ostlund, died while they were in Minnesota this summer and this was a gathering of friends here in their Arizona home. About thirty people gathered with Jan to celebrate Dave and his connection with all of us. The food available was overwhelming as was the camaraderie and good cheer. Continue reading Celebrate Dave Day! Longmire.

Samsung TV remote. Golf car batteries. Elaine and Jan.

Samsung app
The Samsung remote app on my smartphone

We have a Samsung Smart TV in the office and from the very start we could  not find the remote that came with it. Pete Petersen helped me select a universal remote and we have been using that all along. But recently we lost channel 51 and needed to reprogram the channel list and needed the Samsung remote to do it. So I went to the Google store and found an app for my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone which seems to provide all the functions the original remote would have, so now we are back in business again. See photo at left. And we have channel 51 again. While I was playing around with that app I took the time to modify the channel list we see on-screen to eliminate all the Spanish-language ones as well as a couple of others we don’t watch. That makes the list much smaller. Continue reading Samsung TV remote. Golf car batteries. Elaine and Jan.