R.I.P. Jo Behrman. Snow and cold.

May she rest in peace. Jo Behrman (Elaine’s sister) died peacefully this morning around 7:45. She had been moved from the care center yesterday afternoon about 2:00, so at least she was at home in familiar surroundings with all her smells and sounds. She was still in the same position throughout the night, though, as she was when she arrived; she was comatose and she did not respond to voices at all. What was important was that she was home, where she wanted to be. Continue reading R.I.P. Jo Behrman. Snow and cold.

Snowy day. Jo back home.

snowy road scene
These were the conditions along Elk St in Rock Springs when we out to do some shopping late this afternoon.

It started last night, and continues through the day and evening. SNOW! By this time, around 6:30 PM, we have received about 8-10 inches. During most of the day the temps were around 28-30°, but late this afternoon the temp dropped and the wind started blowing 8-15 mph. Right now the temp is 4° and the forecast is for -6° tonight. Continue reading Snowy day. Jo back home.

Good news Gizmo. Jo update.

Gizmo, our youngest Shih Tzu, has had eye problems almost since birth. He has had and been treated for pigmentosa keratitis for a year or more; this is a brown pigment coating covering part of the surface of both eyes. Recently he had a bulge in his left eye which has been treated by Eye Care For Animals in Phoenix as well. He was due for a followup and I had made an appointment for today. Then last week we started noticing a white streak near the bottom of his left eye and another just over the center. Continue reading Good news Gizmo. Jo update.

We made it to Rock Springs

Phew! It was a variable day! We left Panguitch UT this morning at 30° and no storming. As we went over the pass on UT 20 the temps dropped down to around 19°, but once we were on the other side they were back up to the 28° range. No snow. North on I-15 the going was great until we reached the Nephi area where we started getting snow falling and the roads were slushy. From Nephi to Provo we saw several vehicles the slid off the road both northbound and southbound. We did not, however. Continue reading We made it to Rock Springs

Server problems. Jo Behrman. Shane. Shauna and Casey.

The last 24 hours has been very frustrating! Right after I finished writing and publishing my entry last night a problem developed at the web server and my web site has not been available. That means that that even though there was a post to Facebook, people could not reach the story. I made a chat session with Arvixe tech support last night; that tech could not solve the problem and bounced it up the line to a higher level. But no response. Two more sessions with tech support today and still no resolution, though the last one did more testing and made the priority high when he bounced it up the line. I am writing this tonight using the server on my local laptop; this works fine and I will find a way to be able to post these stories for access until the problem gets fixed. Continue reading Server problems. Jo Behrman. Shane. Shauna and Casey.

It started out miserable, but got better.

It’s snowing this morning

We were awakened around 2:00 this morning by a sudden burst of very strong wind against OurHous. This kept up for a long time, and it soon started raining. Elaine said this kept her partially awake for a couple of hours, but I went back to sleep again. When I got up the temp was around 48° but it kept dropping until by around 10:00 it was down to 38°. I had our rooftop electric heat going all night, but this morning I had to switch to gas heat; the rooftop heat pump units will not produce heat when the outside temp drops below the mid-40s. The wind let up this morning but was back with a vengeance around 10:00 or so and continued most of the day off and on. Continue reading It started out miserable, but got better.