Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.

Kerby after
Kerby after grooming today
Kerby before
Kerby before grooming today

For some reason Kerby looked much shaggier this time than usual, but he sure cleaned up nicely as did Gizmo! Lately they have been going on Sundays to Danielle, but this time it went an extra day to Monday, but I don’t think an extra day made a shag difference. Kerby, having a light-colored coat, gets dirty looking so quickly it is always nice to see him clean again but it only lasts for a day or so. Continue reading Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.

Breakfast with a gang. Visit from Kyle and Bryson. Farson Mercantile. Elaine back in Rock Springs.

breakfast group
Cora, Destry, Rachel, and Cody; Shane and Johnna at breakfast at Village Inn

I got up around 6:30 this morning and had my breakfast as usual. A little later Destry got a call from brother Shane inviting us to join he and Johnna for breakfast at Village Inn. I went along to enjoy the company, though I only had a cup of coffee. We had a great time and it was fun watching Shane teach Cody how to build a drinking straw pyramid that Cody was calling a bonfire. Continue reading Breakfast with a gang. Visit from Kyle and Bryson. Farson Mercantile. Elaine back in Rock Springs.

“Awful” House. Still no flashers.

We got a surprise visit by son John Ogden today. He posted on Facebook yesterday that he was in Panguitch UT and expected to be in Phoenix today to take his Mom for breakfast; he knows we always go out for breakfast on Saturdays. Then he contacted Elaine late yesterday that his truck was late in getting loaded and he would not arrive in Phoenix until late so would not see us until today. Elaine called him about 8:00 this morning – no answer. Again around 8:20 – no answer. Then she left a message around 8:45 that unless we heard from him by 9:00 we would head out on our own. Continue reading “Awful” House. Still no flashers.

New permanent bridge. John is off. Sorting parts.

Finally, my permanent bridge is in place. The dentist told me to not bite with those teeth for another 24 hours, while the cement is curing. But after that I should be able to eat as normal. The new bridge has none of the roughness and edges the temporary one had. I must have been good, because the last temporary did not break and did not come loose. The tech had to work hard to remove it. Continue reading New permanent bridge. John is off. Sorting parts.

John in town. New gate in Royal Palm. Swimming.

John's truck
John’s truck parked on a lot down the street from us

We were delighted to hear yesterday that son John Ogden was coming to Phoenix, and he arrived at our house this afternoon around 1:30. He parked his truck on the vacant space across D Street and down a little, as usual, with permission from the office. Not sure how long he will be here, but at least until tomorrow.

at Las Gloria's
John, Elaine, and Dave at Las Gloria’s

We headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper tonight, since John wanted some Mexican food. It was delicious, as usual. John and Elaine had the Fajitas Supremas (Grilled steak, tender shrimp, and marinated chicken breast served on a sizzling bed of sautéed vegetables) and I had the Steak Picado (Diced grilled steak with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spicy sauce. Served with rice, beans and flour tortillas.) Elaine and I both brought home full takeout boxes, so we’ll have leftovers for a couple of days. Yum!

New gate
The new gates are a little fancier in design and have a large emblem facing the street. That’s George Immerso “behind bars”.

The new entry gates were installed here at Royal Palm this morning. The old ones had to be replaced because they were badly bent due to someone running into them. This seems to happen 2-3 times a year, but is so senseless. People are in such a hurry and try to beat the gate while it is closing. How stupid!

The replacement includes a new operating system as well, with new gate operators and new controls. While we will be able to open the entry gate remotely as before, instead of using a clicker remote the new system will scan a card mounted on our windshield (or held up for the scanner to view). We’ll also be able to enter a code on the new control panel to open the gate.

We went swimming this afternoon as usual, but were by ourselves for the first twenty minutes. Then a few others came in and by the time we left there were six of us. That was quiet compared with yesterday, when there were eleven of us in the pool before we left!

New shed lock. Lunch with John.

The outside and inside of the new deadbolt lock for the shed

I installed a new deadbolt lock on the shed door today. This is a Schlage BE369 lock that works with Z-Wave technology so I can connect it into my Nexia home automation system. My goal is to have a lock we can operate from inside the house. This will make it easier to control as well as make it easier to lock the door at night on those occasions when I forget to lock the door after using the shed. Continue reading New shed lock. Lunch with John.

Posts are in. John is off. Glasses fixed. Newsletter.

I went to Nationwide Vision this morning to get the screw in my glasses fixed. The screw holding the left lens has loosened three times now, letting the lens fall out. They replaced the screw with one that has glue on it, hoping that will stay in better. She also suggested that I use two hands to take my glasses off and put them on.

mixing concrete
Andy mixing concrete in which to set the post bases

The next step in our front yard project is done – we now have seven black posts, two feet high, around our front yard. The next step is to add solar post tops and two rows of white chain hung between the posts. Andy got the job done in about two hours; I had the posts ready to be installed. Andy used a posthole digger to make the seven holes in some tough ground. I had been soaking the surface for a couple of days but it had not penetrated far, so he had to add more water as he dug to help soften the soil. Continue reading Posts are in. John is off. Glasses fixed. Newsletter.

John visit. Happy Anniversary. New LED lights.

John’s truck parked on a vacant lot down the street

John is in for a visit today for a day or so, and this time we arranged for him to park his tractor on a vacant lot nearby us. That way he can check on it whenever he wants and he feels more secure. The Park gate is closed from 6 PM to 6 AM. Tonight he took us to Red Lobster to celebrate our 32nd anniversary as well as Valentine’s Day. Dinner was delicious! Continue reading John visit. Happy Anniversary. New LED lights.

John Ogden visit. Chronic Tacos.

John's rig
John’s bobtail rig parked in an open area here at Royal Palm

We had a surprise visit from son John today. He arranged his schedule so he had a load to drop off in the Phoenix area and came in late last night. He had been in touch with his Mom for about a day, trying to let her know about his plans as they changed. This time he was able to arrange to drop his trailer off in a secure yard so he could then drive his rig as a bobtail here to Royal Palm. We found a spot for him to park here in the Park so that was also secure overnight. Continue reading John Ogden visit. Chronic Tacos.

Kiss The Cook. Bye, John.

My Cajun Omelet

We took John back to his truck this morning so he could continue on his routes. Since he did not need to be there to pick up his load until around 11:00 we stopped for breakfast at Kiss the Cook in Glendale along the way. We eat there on occasion, but have not been there for some time. It was good to be back. I had the New Orleans Cajun Omelet, and great spicy dish that I could not finish. Elaine had Oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, and John had the Country Breakfast. The restaurant looks like a antique shop inside with all the items on display; there is always something to catch  the eye and capture your interest as you wait for your meal to be delivered. Continue reading Kiss The Cook. Bye, John.