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Jan Ostlund visit

Jan and Elaine
Jan and Elaine at Las Glorias

Jan called this afternoon to let Elaine know she wanted to come in for a visit. We haven’t seen her for quite a while, so looked forward to her visit. We were out shopping when she called but got back home for her arrival around 3:30. The two of them visited while I finished up printing the newsletter draft copies for the reviewers. Then around 5 we headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper; this is one of our favorite places but Jan had not been there yet. She liked it, too. Continue reading Jan Ostlund visit. Crafts. Jared’s. Newsletter.

John in town. New gate in Royal Palm. Swimming.

John's truck
John’s truck parked on a lot down the street from us

We were delighted to hear yesterday that son John Ogden was coming to Phoenix, and he arrived at our house this afternoon around 1:30. He parked his truck on the vacant space across D Street and down a little, as usual, with permission from the office. Not sure how long he will be here, but at least until tomorrow.

at Las Gloria's
John, Elaine, and Dave at Las Gloria’s

We headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper tonight, since John wanted some Mexican food. It was delicious, as usual. John and Elaine had the Fajitas Supremas (Grilled steak, tender shrimp, and marinated chicken breast served on a sizzling bed of sautéed vegetables) and I had the Steak Picado (Diced grilled steak with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spicy sauce. Served with rice, beans and flour tortillas.) Elaine and I both brought home full takeout boxes, so we’ll have leftovers for a couple of days. Yum!

New gate
The new gates are a little fancier in design and have a large emblem facing the street. That’s George Immerso “behind bars”.

The new entry gates were installed here at Royal Palm this morning. The old ones had to be replaced because they were badly bent due to someone running into them. This seems to happen 2-3 times a year, but is so senseless. People are in such a hurry and try to beat the gate while it is closing. How stupid!

The replacement includes a new operating system as well, with new gate operators and new controls. While we will be able to open the entry gate remotely as before, instead of using a clicker remote the new system will scan a card mounted on our windshield (or held up for the scanner to view). We’ll also be able to enter a code on the new control panel to open the gate.

We went swimming this afternoon as usual, but were by ourselves for the first twenty minutes. Then a few others came in and by the time we left there were six of us. That was quiet compared with yesterday, when there were eleven of us in the pool before we left!

Las Glorias. Village Inn. Clean desk. 115.

at Las Glorias
Dave, Elaine, Lisa, Pete, and Bill at Las Glorias

We had an excellent supper tonight at Las Gloria’s Grill, with Pete, Lisa, and Bill. At the pool this afternoon Elaine asked where I was taking her for supper, and that was my choice. Apparently it also suited Pete and Bill since they said they wanted to join us. And Pete contacted Lisa, who had been wanting to go there for some time so she joined us as well. Continue reading Las Glorias. Village Inn. Clean desk. 115.

Alexa and Dish. IKEA. Las Glorias Grill.

shopping bags
Elaine’s two large IKEA shopping bags

Elaine got invited to go to IKEA this morning with Pete Petersen and Bill Russell. They have often talked of shopping there but we have never been to an IKEA store mostly because they are just too large for me to last long in. So she was pleased to have this opportunity. They left around 9:30 and returned around 2:30, which means they spent about four hours in the store! She came home with two very large blue shopping bags as you can see in the photo, plus a box containing a knocked-down hassock or footstool for the deck that will need to be assembled. Continue reading Alexa and Dish. IKEA. Las Glorias Grill.

Shauna here for a visit.

Daughter Shauna Dockter flew in from Provo UT, having driven down from Green River WY, and we picked her up just after noon at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport out in East Mesa. She had a good flight down, and she was hungry. So we stopped at the Applebee’s on Power Rd and had lunch. Then she got to see mid- to late-afternoon traffic in the Phoenix area, made worse because it was a Friday afternoon, and probably worse because it was Good Friday.

We got home in time to change for swimming, and while Elaine and I were in the pool Shauna took advantage of the sun and a lounge to get some sun. At 92° it was a good day for it. The temp back in Green River was probably in the 55° zone!

Back home for a bit and for Elaine to have a chance to show Shauna around our house (that’s a three-minute tour in a place the size of ours). Then shortly after 5:00 we headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper. It was our second time there and, of course, Shauna’s first. We all enjoyed our meal. I had Pescado a la Diabla (tilapia fish in a spicy sauce). Elaine had a Shredded Chicken Chimichanga, and Shauna had a Steak Street Taco. We each brought home some leftovers, of course.

Shauna relaxing on the couch
Elaine and the boys
Elaine and the boys relaxing after dinner

After dinner, none of us felt like doing more so we are relaxing in the living room watching Friday night TV. Gizmo and Kerby have been staying close by Shauna, enjoying having someone different to give them attention.