ReadeREST. Kaspersky vs WebRoot. LastPass. Squashage.

The ReadeREST eyeglass holder system

Once I saw the ReadeREST magnetic eyeglass holder system on Shark Tank I knew I had to have one. This is a simple device consisting of a metal frame that sits on the outside of your shirt and a backing that goes under the shirt, with the two held together through the cloth with a pair of strong magnets. I have been using this since I saw it in 2012, and I like it very much. Prior to that I would hook my glasses in one of my shirt pockets and they would often come loose and drop to the ground – sometimes scratching a lens. With the ReadeREST this almost never happens. My glasses are hooked at one hinge in the metal bar on my shirt and when I lean over the glasses swing out and stay vertical. Continue reading ReadeREST. Kaspersky vs WebRoot. LastPass. Squashage.

Password managers. Login life.

535 different logins saved! I recently installed the Kaspersky Internet Security package since it came with the Geek Squad Support package and part of Kaspersky is a Password Manager. I decided to try using it instead of the LastPass password manager I have been using for several years now. Not that LastPass was not doing the job – just that I like the idea of an integrated package. So as one of the first steps in using Kaspersky, I exported my LastPass vault entries to import them into Kaspersky. LastPass exports them as a comma-separated-values (CSV) file which is easily opened in Microsoft Excel. I was shocked when I saw that I had about 535 different login entries in my LastPass vault!! Continue reading Password managers. Login life.