Elaine computer ready.

new computer
Elaine’s new computer is now on her own desk, ready to use

I spent much of the day getting Elaine’s computer ready for her and by mid-afternoon I had it on her desk and turned over to her. She says she likes it! I have to say that I like it as well. I had to get used to the large screen (23.8″) compared with my 11″ tablet and my 17″ laptop, though I do have a second 22″ monitor I use with the laptop to give me some extra screen space. The Lenovo set up easily and quickly with the latest Windows 10 setup process. Continue reading Elaine computer ready.

Elaine new computer. Dave computer at Geek Squad.

Elaine new computer

new Lenovo
Elaine’s new Lenovo All-In-One has a 23.8-inch screen, The whole computer is contained in the screen housing.

It was way past time, so today we went to Best Buy and bought a new computer for Elaine. Hers has given good service for several years but has become slower and slower as time goes on. I have called on Dell tech support a couple of times to fix it, have taken it to Geek Squad, and have done some fixes several times myself. But the end result in each case was only temporary improvements. So what to buy? We have both used laptops for many years (since 1993 for me) but when we travel Elaine most recently has taken only her tablet. So maybe a laptop is not needed? A desktop? Too large, takes too much space on and under her desk. We finally decided on an all-in-one. Continue reading Elaine new computer. Dave computer at Geek Squad.