Scavenger Hunt. More landscape edger painting.

Leslie Nielsen announcing winners at the Scavenger Hunt

The Royal Palm Social Club had a Scavenger Hunt event tonight. There were 8-10 teams competing to collect 45 items on a list prepared by Leslie Nielsen, the event organizer. We could only collect from residents in the Park, could not get any items from our own houses, and had about 45 minutes to an hour before we had to turn our collections in. The most challenging item on the list for everyone except the winners was a Domino’s napkin, though a 1ยข stamp was very hard to find. We got most of our items at one residence; the lady there was excited to dig around her house to dig up things for Elaine. I think we stopped at about ten houses and were able to collect items at all but maybe one. Continue reading Scavenger Hunt. More landscape edger painting.