Lisa Violette visits. Woody’s Macayo’s.

Elaine, Lisa, Dave
Elaine, Lisa, and Dave at the new Macayo’s on N Central

When I saw Lisa Violette‘s post on Facebook that she was headed to Phoenix for a conference, I immediately replied saying I hoped we would have a chance to get together. I was happy when she said we would be able to. Lisa is married to my brother Paul and is in town for a Magnolia and Vine Summit – a three day meeting. The roughly 50 directors of this company are getting together to learn about and discuss new product lines. Since tonight had no planned activities, it was easy for Lisa to get off to be with us. We picked her up at the downtown Kimpton Hotel Palomar and headed for Woody’s Macayo’s on N Central Ave. This is near where the famous Macayo’s that was built like a Mayan temple was located; that restaurant was sold and razed and they built a new place quite nearby. Continue reading Lisa Violette visits. Woody’s Macayo’s.