Boys are happy. First day home.

We arrived home around 12:15 am this morning, via Uber ride from the Phoenix airport. We got out of the car and Elaine headed for the house while the driver and I got the luggage out from the rear. She says she walked in the door and it took a few seconds to get a reaction from the boys, but then Gizmo and Kerby were all over her. They followed her into the kitchen, excited as can be, with Gizmo dancing and Kerby being as excited as his old body would allow. In a minute or two Gizmo headed for the door to see if I was there, too. Continue reading Boys are happy. First day home.

Merry Christmas

We had a Merry Christmas, thank you! It was a quiet day. A few friends came by to drop off a Christmas gift of handmade goodies and to leave with similar in hand. Elaine baked four loaves of banana nut bread today as well as a batch of chocolate fudge, and that was what people left with as well as some peanut brittle she had made a few days ago. Believe me, they were all good. I know, because I liberally sampled them all! Continue reading Merry Christmas

Busy day. Neighbor update.

Interior at Kiss The Cook
The interior at Kiss The Cook is kitschy-cute

“Every meal served with a kiss!” That’s the motto at Kiss The Cook (KTC), a favorite restaurant on W Glendale Ave in Glendale and where we went for breakfast this morning. The kiss, of course, is a Hershey’s Kiss placed on your bill at the end of the meal. The decor at KTC is eclectic, with mostly kitschy antiques and household items. We ate inside, but they also have outside seating. On Saturdays you should plan to get there by 7:45 AM at the latest, for it gets quite busy after 8:00! Continue reading Busy day. Neighbor update.

Newsletter delivered. RV shopping. Monsoon storm.

folding newsletters
Here’s the volunteer team who stuffed and folded the newsletters this morning.

The volunteer crew assembled this morning at 9:30 to stuff the newsletters with the two inserts, fold them, and wrap them with a rubber band preparatory to delivery. We had a larger-than-usual team this morning and the job got done faster than I could get them sorted into the bags for the delivery teams! As a result I got lost in my counts and worried that I was short about 30 newsletters, but Elaine and I found out later that I had forgotten that I had loaded the bag for the RV section! The count was actually proper. Continue reading Newsletter delivered. RV shopping. Monsoon storm.

Good news Gizmo. Jo update.

Gizmo, our youngest Shih Tzu, has had eye problems almost since birth. He has had and been treated for pigmentosa keratitis for a year or more; this is a brown pigment coating covering part of the surface of both eyes. Recently he had a bulge in his left eye which has been treated by Eye Care For Animals in Phoenix as well. He was due for a followup and I had made an appointment for today. Then last week we started noticing a white streak near the bottom of his left eye and another just over the center. Continue reading Good news Gizmo. Jo update.

We had a sandwich in Panguitch

Don’t try to stop in Panguitch UT on a Sunday New Year’s Day and expect to find a restaurant. In fact, half the motels are shut down as well. We found a place that is less than adequate to stay – the New Western; wish we had chosen another one. We got in around 7:00 PM and the only place to eat in town that was open was Subway. So we got a sandwich and some soup and brought them back to our room. Continue reading We had a sandwich in Panguitch

Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.

Before: The kitchen with the temporary countertops.
After: The new granite countertops are in place

At long last, our kitchen countertops were installed today! And we are as pleased with our choice of granite material as we hoped we would be. The granite crew spent much of the day doing the install. Marv Fitchett was here all the time to help in preparing for the countertop install and to pitch in when needed. And now this evening Elaine is unpacking more boxes and putting things away in the kitchen; only seven boxes to go. She did not want to do that before the tops were finished. Now we get to make those decisions about how to arrange our kitchen and everything that goes into it. Continue reading Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.

Back in the turmoil. Setting up kitchen.

A view of the range and refrigerator area showing our temporary counter and new cabinets

We got back into activity quickly, or at least Elaine did. Immediately that we returned she had a sign project to do for an upcoming bazaar this Saturday. Yesterday she started unpacking kitchen stuff, at least enough for us to start living in our new kitchen for the next few days. You see, while our new cabinets are installed, our new countertops won’t be installed until next Tuesday! Marv did his work on schedule, but the company doing the countertops was slow in getting here to make the templates and then it will take 7-10 days to produce and install the countertops! Continue reading Back in the turmoil. Setting up kitchen.

Lots to do.

Clean my desk, work on the newsletter, pay some bills, clean my desk, get newsletter drafts out for review, put tape flags on some mailbox posts, clean my desk, work on newsletter – this is how my day went. I have to complete the newsletter so it can go to the printer tomorrow morning, but could not finish it until after the Social Club meeting yesterday and a couple of other events because I needed info from them. I got it done enough so I felt comfortable printing out draft copies for George Immerson (club president) and Leslie Nielsen (activities coordinator and a good reviewer) to work on today. Continue reading Lots to do.

20 degree difference. Back in Phoenix.

Yes, we experienced an environmental shift today! We’ve spent the last week and a half in Wyoming and Utah, and experienced a great difference in temperature and weather from what we would have had in Phoenix. You’ve seen me write about rain, snow, mud, freezing weather, and wind over that time. And yes, we did have some good weather during that period. The last couple of days we’ve seen high temperatures in the mid-70s, which has been very comfortable. Today we returned to Phoenix and temperatures in the mid-90s. We enjoyed that and took advantage of it by going to the pool ┬áthis afternoon. Continue reading 20 degree difference. Back in Phoenix.