Burrito breakfast. Work on newsletter.

Sunday morning at our house means one of Elaine’s special Breakfast Burritos. A truly outstanding treat. I can eat about half so I save the other half for lunch. Jimmy Dean Regular Sausage mixed Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage, cooked with red and green peppers and onions, and served on a flour tortilla with scrambled eggs and shredded cheese and salsa. Yum! Continue reading Burrito breakfast. Work on newsletter.

Look Back: Virginia City NV. Temperature dropping. Board meeting.

Delta Saloon
The Delta Saloon on C Street in Virginia City NV. The famous Suicide Table is located here.

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] On September 20, 2011, Elaine and I and Kerby visited Virginia City NV in our motorhome. We got a chance to explore some of the historic places in this old silver mining center and took in the atmosphere of the town. One place I enjoyed more than anything else was the 4th Ward School Museum. Lots of history shown there on several floors, telling the story of Virginia City and its many famous players. The photo shows C Street – the main street in Virginia City – and the historic Delta Saloon. The famous Suicide Table in the Delta is where (at least) three people died by their own hand as a result of gambling losses. Continue reading Look Back: Virginia City NV. Temperature dropping. Board meeting.

Let’s deliver. Ear, ear!

It took more than a half hour instead of the usual twenty minutes or so, but our volunteer team folding newsletters got the job done. We were short a couple of volunteers who were on vacation. This newsletter was more complicated to assemble because we had FOUR inserts and they had to be assembled in a specific order for a couple of them to work. But the team pulled it off! Continue reading Let’s deliver. Ear, ear!

Printer stand. Quiet day.

printer stand
My new printer stand gets my printer up off the desk and prevents stuff on the desk from interfering with paper coming out of the printer.

For a long time I have been frustrated as paper coming out of my printer encounters papers or other stuff on my desktop and does not come out cleanly. Finally I did something about it. I had found a solution at the Staples web site and went to the closest store and bought one today. Actually, the device is sold as a monitor stand, but it works just as well for printers. The design comes in two sizes – the large stand (22″ wide) and the standard stand (14″ wide). I got the large size and it fits my printer very well. We also tried to put Elaine’s Cricut machine on the stand but the space between its feet is too short to fit on the stand top. We’ll get another for her. Continue reading Printer stand. Quiet day.