Never too late. Tire down. Surface Pro 4.

HVAC controls for our Equinox

Never too late … to learn. I guess. Last winter I noticed that when we turned to heat in our 2012 Chev Equinox the air came out on the floor. I usually run the system on Auto (yellow pointer) and simply turn the A/C on or off (blue pointer) for cooling or heating. But we wanted the heated air to come out the console vents, to warm our upper bodies. So I used the upper airflow control (red pointer) to make the air come out the console. Instead it came out the floor vents. When I pressed the lower airflow control it came out the console. So I thought something had gotten messed up with the controls. Continue reading Never too late. Tire down. Surface Pro 4.

Newsletter and ads. Surface Pro 2 charging.

Today was a newsletter day; the February issue goes to press on January 23rd. I worked on content – adding some stories and updating some categories. I have an interview to do tomorrow for the monthly Spotlight feature and the Social Club meeting comes up this Saturday; both will provide content for their respective sections of the newsletter. So at this point the February newsletter is progressing well. Last month I messed up two items on the calendar but I have now taken steps to avoid that problem in the future. Continue reading Newsletter and ads. Surface Pro 2 charging.