Lantana blooming more. Breakfast in and out. Sorting photos.

Lantana plants
Our Lantana shrubs are putting out more blossoms now that temperatures are cooling.

I have noticed over the last few days that our Lantana shrubs are putting out more blossoms, and suspect that it is due to cooling weather. Our temps have been as much as 12° below normal the last week or so, down into the 80s and low 90s. I think our Moss Rose plants are putting out more blossoms as well. When I mentioned it to Elaine this afternoon she mentioned that it may be time to plant some pansies, petunias, and other annuals. Here in Phoenix we plant those flowers in October and they thrive through the winter, unlike in northern climes where they are planted in late May. It is too hot for them in May-October. Continue reading Lantana blooming more. Breakfast in and out. Sorting photos.

Back to heat and storm. Teeth clean.

towering cumulus clouds
Vivid storm clouds to the northeast. Those are towering cumulus clouds that may rise to over 60,000 feet. They are awesome when lit by evening sun.

Elaine has commented several times last night and today that she is aware that we are back in Arizona because of the heat. It hit a high of 108° today (average high for the date is 103°), compared with the mid-80s we experienced recently while in Wyoming and Utah. She is quick to say, however, that she prefers the heat here to the cold in Wyoming; that’s a preference we share and is the reason we moved here from Wyoming 17 years ago. Continue reading Back to heat and storm. Teeth clean.

Monsoon storm. Motorhome clearing. Motorhome and dealer research.

dust strom
A TV screen shot showing the storm through the West Valley tonight.

The temperature dropped from 109° to 74° in 30 minutes. 0.84 inches of rain fell in less than 30 minutes out near Lake Pleasant. A dust cloud rose ahead of the storm, towering 2,000 feet or more high. Winds blew in excess of 47 mph. The storm moved into the Valley from the north-northeast. That’s what we got from watching Channel 5 news tonight. In fact, that’s about all they were talking about during both the 5:00 and the 5:30 news segments. This was the first big storm of the 2017 monsoon season. That storm moved down through the West Valley (Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear, etc).  There was also another storm traveling in roughly the same direction but much further east – out near Superior and Globe. Continue reading Monsoon storm. Motorhome clearing. Motorhome and dealer research.

Forecast: below normal. Management crisis at Royal Palm.

Our 7-day forecast is for mostly below-average temps

Yesterday our temps were below normal, today they were around normal, and our forecast is for several below-normal days ahead. Normal for this time of year is around 107°, and the 103-104 range feels good. However, the humidity is rising with the monsoon shift and we are seeing towering cumulus clouds building up to the north and the east in the afternoon and a more general cloud cover in the evening. Definitely a sign that there is more moisture in our atmosphere! Continue reading Forecast: below normal. Management crisis at Royal Palm.

First Watch breakfast. Monsoon closer.

Barbacoa Benedict
My Barbacoa Benedict: delicious on ciabatta bread. Elaine donated the strawberries to me.

Sharlene Froberg asked us last night if we ever eat breakfast at First Watch, a breakfast and lunch place relatively near us. I told her we had gone there several times many years ago but had not returned in recent years, though I could not remember why. Elaine also could not remember why we stopped, so we decided to try it again this morning. Based on today’s experience, we will return to First Watch again! Elaine had Steel-Cut Oatmeal (made-to-order topped with house-marinated berries, fresh sliced banana and pecans. Served with low-fat milk, brown sugar and a fresh baked muffin of the day) and I had Barbacoa Benedict (two poached cage-free eggs atop toasted ciabatta with seasoned braised beef Barbacoa, hollandaise, sliced avocado and fresh cilantro. Served with pico de gallo and lemon dressed organic mixed greens). Continue reading First Watch breakfast. Monsoon closer.

Monsoon in the desert?

storm clouds.
Monsoon storm clouds building up over the desert. Source:

I made a reference yesterday that “we are headed into the season of monsoon storms”, and one of my readers made a comment that he did not associated “monsoon” with “desert”. But he did his homework and added a link to an excellent article that explains the phenomenon. Several years ago a granddaughter from Wyoming mentioned a monsoon reference from my blog to a high school teacher, who then took her to task saying “there are no monsoons in the US”, or similar. Once I provided her with the explanation, she passed it along to the teacher, who then apologized. I think the link provided in the comment to yesterday’s story explains the monsoon concept as well as I could, so I will quote from it here. Continue reading Monsoon in the desert?

107. Monsoon season. Organizing.

The heat climb has started. 104° yesterday, 107° today, and expected to continue to climb to the 120° range by Tuesday. The current situation is not uncommon for Phoenix, but temperatures above 115° are less common. The record is 122°. We are not much affected by these temperatures, living in air conditioned homes and driving in air conditioned cars. Of course our golf car is NOT air conditioned, and there is no air conditioning when we are outside such as at the pool. But that’s OK. We’ll take it! Continue reading 107. Monsoon season. Organizing.