Kerby and Gizmo groomed. Plants in the planter.

Kerby after grooming
Slick Gizmo after grooming

Danielle is back in business, and Kerby and Gizmo are now clean and groomed. We have been taking them to Danielle at the Pet Club store at 19th Ave and W Northern, but a couple of weeks ago the store suddenly shut down. Danielle had no notice; she showed up for work on Apr 14th only to find the store being emptied! She scrambled to find another place and was able to. But at this new location she can only do grooming; they want her to be able to do more groomings a day and they have others to do the washing. So for a few of her older customers she will take them at her home, and that is where we went today. We are happy for her and for our boys, because they love Danielle. Continue reading Kerby and Gizmo groomed. Plants in the planter.