Motorhome sale update. Yard sale cleanup. Elaine somewhat better. Newsletter.

motorhome at Sun City RV
Our Phaeton motorhome at Sun City RV for sale

I got a call a few days ago from Sun City RV, where our 2012 Phaeton 40QTH motorhome is on consignment sale. While it has not yet sold, they reported a lot of interest in it. As of that date there had been over 240 online clicks on the listing, and over 200 of them were unique (meaning a first-time visit). There had been at least one party that had done a lot of follow-through but did not make an offer to purchase. We are hoping that with the return of many snowbirds to the Valley, interest will pick up even more and that our dear motorhome will be sold. Continue reading Motorhome sale update. Yard sale cleanup. Elaine somewhat better. Newsletter.

Look back: Newfoundland. Motorhome cleaning. Interview. Delicious supper.

Humber Arm
Humber Arm on the west coast of Newfoundland. This is where the Humber River joins the Bay of Islands.

[Note: Occasionally I will introduce photos from the past showing places we have been.] On August 22, 2011 Elaine and I (and Kerby) were traveling on the island of Newfoundland in Canada in our motorhome and visited the area of Humber Arm, where I took this photo. The Humber River is a major fresh water stream on Newfoundland’s west coast and this arm or bay contains mainly fresh water from the inflows of the Humber. We stopped and walked the stony beach you see in the photo and enjoyed looking at the many boats anchored there. The Bay of Islands and the Atlantic Ocean lie beyond the point in this photo. Continue reading Look back: Newfoundland. Motorhome cleaning. Interview. Delicious supper.

Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

motorhome stuff
I added the five plastic tubs and the sewer hoses today to the other stuff brought over earlier

I brought a couple more loads from the motorhome today. I packed five plastic tubs and brought them to the house. I removed the plaques from the front of the Phaeton, and I removed the sewer hoses from the storage tubes under the coach and brought all that as well. I think we can finish clearing the Phaeton with one or two more loads now. We need to get it ready for trading or selling; if all goes well we will deliver it next week. We will need to go through and do some interior cleanup and will run it through a truck wash for the exterior. Continue reading Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

Flag Day. Card class. Motorhome batteries. Dolls.

We are proud to fly the US flag, especially on this Flag Day.

Today is Flag Day, and the Violettes made sure their flags were out. I am so pleased to finally have a US flag displayed at our house full time now; I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. And a couple of weeks ago Elaine fastened two smaller flags on our golf cart. You can see all three in the photo at left. Continue reading Flag Day. Card class. Motorhome batteries. Dolls.

More motorhome moveout. Added to irrigation.

motorhome stuff
Another load from the motorhome

We took a trip over to the motorhome in the storage yard this morning and brought back another load on the golf cart. I finished clearing out the front basement storage bay and Elaine loaded some stuff out of the kitchen. We still have many loads to go, but will work on it every few days. It is important to get some loads out this week, however, because there is a Park-wide yard sale coming up this next weekend so we want to get stuff out for that.

flooded tray
This tray got flooded when I added a section of soaker line to it. I’ll have to use less soaker line.

I got some ¼-inch soaker line today at Ace Hardware to use in the long planter tray I still had not done a drip for. I cut a length as long as the planter tray and connected it with a feed line from the distribution pipe and turned it on. Within two minutes the tray was flooded to overflowing! I did not realize the soaker hose put out that much water. Later on I drilled a couple of small holes in the tray to drain it. Tomorrow I will modify it to only have a few inches of soaker hose. I’ll learn! It has been many years since I worked with irrigation systems, and I am relearning about the various components and how they function.

I did some more work on the new Violette Family Association database system today, still learning about how to use the plugin I recently acquired. I am getting more and more appreciation for the thought and work the developer put into it.

Breakfast in the Park. Stuff from motorhome. Swimming.

breakfast line
Folks lined up for breakfast

We started our day at the monthly Breakfast in the Park, along with about 80 others. These breakfasts, put on as a fundraiser for the Social Club, are a great deal: all you can eat for $5 and that includes biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, pancakes, fruit, and beverages. We appreciate all the volunteers who put on these breakfasts. Continue reading Breakfast in the Park. Stuff from motorhome. Swimming.

Hanging up the keys

OurHous on a lot at Royal Palm RV Park

On our last trip in our motorhome last year we decided it was time to “hang up the keys”. A very sad decision in some ways, for we have had eleven years of great times seeing great places. I have enjoyed the romance of being free and on the road! But Elaine and I got tired on our trips lately and so our trips would likely be fewer in the future. I totaled up the costs and concluded that we spend about $1,500 per month to own our motorhome even when we do not use it. That was fine when we used it a lot, but doesn’t make as much sense if we don’t. Continue reading Hanging up the keys