Elaine’s nails. Web site working again. Health screening.

Elaine’s latest nails look good

Elaine went to the Walmart store at 19th Ave and W Bell Rd this morning to get her nails done. Purple as usual. They look great! She has a nail tech there that she always goes back to; she likes his work.

I was able to reach Arvixe tech support this morning and they were able to quickly get the Royal Palm Social Club web site (RoyalPalmSocialClub.com) working again. They had to make a change in the server’s IP address for some reason. I tried three times to reach tech support today but on the first two it took so long I got busy on something else and missed the connection when they finally came on. On the third time I stuck with it and was able to make the connection and get the problem fixed. Continue reading Elaine’s nails. Web site working again. Health screening.

Potluck supper. Breakfast at Kiss The Cook. Nails for Elaine. Newsletter.

People lined up for potluck foods

Tonight had the monthly potluck supper event at the Clubhouse here in Royal Palm. There were around 25 people there, much fewer than when the winter visitors are here, but still a fun size group. As usual, there were some great selections of food. I always like potlucks because there is so much from which to choose. I have learned to be very cautious at the start of the food line and not overload with the early items only to find some equally great ones further down. Elaine made a garden salad and an apple pie. The pie plate came back empty. Continue reading Potluck supper. Breakfast at Kiss The Cook. Nails for Elaine. Newsletter.

Elaine nails. Park gate is closed. Ladder on a rack.

The entry gates at Royal Palm now remain closed unless a vehicle is going in or out

Starting today, the entry gate to Royal Palm Community will be closed all the time instead of just from 6 PM to 6 AM. This is in response to a number of factors: an increase in traffic in and out of the gate having nothing to do with Royal Palm and its residents, an increase in transients entering the Park and the potential for mischief, and an increase in unease of Royal Palm residents. The Park is (or was) advertised as a gated community and many residents plus the new managers want it to be that way. This will require a change in a number of behaviors. Continue reading Elaine nails. Park gate is closed. Ladder on a rack.

Lots to do.

Clean my desk, work on the newsletter, pay some bills, clean my desk, get newsletter drafts out for review, put tape flags on some mailbox posts, clean my desk, work on newsletter – this is how my day went. I have to complete the newsletter so it can go to the printer tomorrow morning, but could not finish it until after the Social Club meeting yesterday and a couple of other events because I needed info from them. I got it done enough so I felt comfortable printing out draft copies for George Immerson (club president) and Leslie Nielsen (activities coordinator and a good reviewer) to work on today. Continue reading Lots to do.

Nails. Shane visit. Royal Palm web site.

Elaine’s nails, as redecorated by Shauna

Shortly before leaving Phoenix last week Elaine had a nail appointment and had them redone, at least as far as the base goes. She told her tech, however, that her daughter is a licensed nail tech and that Shauna would add some finish details once Elaine got to Wyoming. Well, today was the day, and you can see the result in the photo at left. Some of those decorations are hand-done, but others are stamps. And in some I think there is a combination of stamp and hand work. In any case, the result is elegant! Continue reading Nails. Shane visit. Royal Palm web site.