Newsletter delivered. Elaine picks up dress. Mostly quiet afternoon.

Newsletter delivered

It’s done and delivered (well almost; we still have to deliver to the doublewide section, streets L through M plus R and O). I’m talking about the Royal Palm newsletter, The Palm Press. Our volunteer team, consisting of Agnes Volk, Peggy Glidden, John Koch, Melody Murphy, Mary McDougale, and Elaine, spent about an hour this morning preparing them for delivery. The three inserts were stuffed and the package folded lengthwise and a rubber band wrapped around each. I bundled them into shopping bags counted out by area for delivery. Continue reading Newsletter delivered. Elaine picks up dress. Mostly quiet afternoon.

Brrrr: first day of winter. Choco treats. Off to printer.

Brrrr: first day of winter

7day 171221
Our 7-day forecast here in Phoenix shows some quite cold morning temps the next day or so.

For once, the first day of winter here in Phoenix is the first winter day. It started with an overnight low of 41° – which is not unusual recently – but by noon it had only gotten up to 53° and did not get above 54°. With a 15 mph wind, it felt downright chilly outside, and the wind chimes on the patio were clinking! Bright sunshine, though. When I took the boys out for their morning walk around 7:30 the wind had not started up yet, so it was not too bad. As part of wintery conditions, Flagstaff AZ had its first snow of the season. All this is the result of a cold front moving into the area. Continue reading Brrrr: first day of winter. Choco treats. Off to printer.

Women’s Club Christmas Party. Newsletter too long.

Christmas Party
Women’s Club Christmas Party

The Royal Palm Women’s Club had their Christmas Party today at the Clubhouse, and Elaine was part of it. This group has fun together a couple of times a month during fall, winter, and spring and the Christmas Party is a celebration for them. As you can see in the photo, it is a fairly large group. They brought refreshments, though Elaine said there were so many she could have not brought anything and there still would have been plenty. Continue reading Women’s Club Christmas Party. Newsletter too long.

Jan Ostlund visit. Crafts. Jared’s. Newsletter.

Jan Ostlund visit

Jan and Elaine
Jan and Elaine at Las Glorias

Jan called this afternoon to let Elaine know she wanted to come in for a visit. We haven’t seen her for quite a while, so looked forward to her visit. We were out shopping when she called but got back home for her arrival around 3:30. The two of them visited while I finished up printing the newsletter draft copies for the reviewers. Then around 5 we headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper; this is one of our favorite places but Jan had not been there yet. She liked it, too. Continue reading Jan Ostlund visit. Crafts. Jared’s. Newsletter.

Birthday Bash. Cardiologist. Newsletter.

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash
Birthday Bash crowd at Bobby-Q tonight

We had our monthly Royal Palm Birthday Bash tonight at Bobby-Q, a famous and award-winning local steak and barbecue restaurant. Our group numbered around 35, with about six actually having a birthday in December. This is the sixth month we have done this birthday thing, and it has proven to be very popular – judging from the numbers who attend. Bobby-Q is always a good choice, and it is close to Royal Palm so it is easy to get to (getting back is a little tricky due to the local street pattern). Elaine and I shared a Three Meat Platter, with baby back ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Yum! Continue reading Birthday Bash. Cardiologist. Newsletter.

Day off. Breakfast at Melrose Kitchen. Instant Pot dinner. Newsletter.

You may have noticed that there was no post from me yesterday. I took the day off. When it got time to do the post I was huddled under a blanket in my recliner, with a chill, too tired to do much except snuggle with Gizmo. Better today!

Elaine at Melrose Kitchen
Elaine at Melrose Kitchen for breakfast. Interesting interior!

We went for breakfast on Saturday to Melrose Kitchen on N 7th Ave in the Melrose District. It was our first time there, but it won’t be our last. Excellent food, great menu choices, and an eclectic interior. Elaine said it reminded her of the Sugar Bowl, an old-time restaurant in Green River WY when she was young.  The decorations are old time and the restaurant interior is as well. But it is well kept and clean and the tables and seating are fairly new. The staff was mostly Chinese, which I found unexpected for the restaurant theme! Continue reading Day off. Breakfast at Melrose Kitchen. Instant Pot dinner. Newsletter.

Not much new. Newsletter.

It was a quiet day for both of us today. Elaine did some work at her desk, finishing the minutes for the Social Club for the monthly meeting tomorrow. I went to the office to talk with Lisa Boyd, Manager, to discuss items for the upcoming newsletter. I also collected the Park’s financial contribution to the newsletter while there, then took those moneys to our Treasurer, Jo Elmore.

In addition, I also had several email communications with Sherry Saxon, Operations Manager for Continental Communities – the owners of Royal Palm. She had several questions about where we get TV, telephone, and Internet services. We also discussed advertising in our newsletter and she took out six months’ worth of full page color ads for Continental. That will greatly help the newsletter to pay for itself, and that is our goal.

With those commitments from the Park and Continental Communities along with other new advertisers we have added in the last month we should have a surplus over the next few months at least!

I did a lot of resting today, following the angiogram yesterday. I found that when I lay back in the recliner it eases the discomfort but if I sit in my office chair for long the discomfort comes back. So I stretch out as much as I can.

Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.

Elaine feeling better

I am happy to report that Elaine has been gaining back her health slowly, a little each day. She has been more chipper each day, though she still tires as the day wears her down. Over the last couple of days she has gone with me on trips outside the house for activities such as shopping. Today she even went to the craft session at the Clubhouse. That involved a flurry of activity in getting prepared and assembling the materials and tools she wanted to bring with her. She stayed for a couple of hours, getting back home around 1:00. But she was tired this afternoon. Continue reading Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.

Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.

newsletter cover
Click on the cover image to download the newsletter.

Our volunteer crew met this morning at 9:30 and got the newsletter inserts done and the newsletters prepared for delivery in about a half hour. While usually several people do the distribution, today, Dale and Betty Stroh and Mary McDougale offered to distribute them all! Elaine and Mary usually do Streets A through E, but since we were heading to Elaine’s doctor appointment later we would not have time to do it this morning. Many thanks to Dale, Betty, and Mary! With winter coming on the RV section is filling up and the newsletter print run has grown. I had 365 printed this time, but should have had 380. Not sure where I miscounted, but at least we had enough to give to all. I also posted the newsletter to the web site so the electronic version is available there. You can also click the cover image here to get the newsletter. Continue reading Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.