Happy Birthday, Elaine. Pappadeaux. Gizmo escapes.

Pasta Mardi Gras
Elaine’s favorite – Pasta Mardi Gras

Happy Birthday, Elaine! For the most part we had a quiet day. She fixed breakfast burritos this morning (yum!) and we took it easy the rest of the morning. This afternoon she worked at her computer doing minutes from the last Park Association board and club meetings and I spent a couple of hours working on the upcoming newsletter. It was easy. She had birthday phone calls from her kids, which made her very happy. Tonight I took her to Pappadeaux for dinner – it was her choice. Continue reading Happy Birthday, Elaine. Pappadeaux. Gizmo escapes.

A day with Shauna and Casey. Pappadeaux.

Casey and Elaine
Casey and Elaine visiting on our deck

Casey and Shauna came over about 11:00 this morning and we got to visit for a while before Elaine and Shauna headed off for their mani/pedi appointments. That gave Casey and I a good chance to visit. Casey works at Tata Chemicals near Green River WY, a soda ash production plant. I worked as an engineer consultant at that plant for a couple of years some time ago, so I know much of the plant well and somewhat of its operation. So I can relate directly to a lot of what Casey does and where he works. He has lately worked as a Surface Shift Superintendent, and he described a lot of what his job entails. Continue reading A day with Shauna and Casey. Pappadeaux.

Pete birthday at Pappadeaux. Hot 118 day.

at Pappadeaux
Bill, Sharlene, Pete, Dave, and Elaine at Pappadeaux

Today was Pete Petersen’s birthday, so Bill Russell, Sharlene Froberg, Elaine, and I took him out to dinner at one of his (and our) favorite places – Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. It being somewhat spendy, we don’t go there often but it sure is a great place to go for special occasions. Since it is Friday I made sure to call ahead this afternoon to make reservations – Pappadeaux is VERY busy on Friday and Saturday nights. We only had about a ten minute wait for a table to be ready, and we got there about five minutes ahead of the reservation time.

Pappadeaux has so many great dishes it is always hard to select what I want at any time. I ordered Fried Alligator and Crab and Spinach dip for appetizers; both were delicious. Pete and I both love the alligator.

Bill had lobster, Sharlene had Jumbo Shrimp Brochette, Elaine had Pasta Mardi Gras (her favorite), Pete had a chicken tenderloin dish, and I had Alaskan Halibut Piccata. Elaine and I both brought home three-fourths of our meals and we’ll have some great leftovers. Sharlene and Bill each took some of their meal home as well. We had a large order of Onion Rings; Elaine found them too spicy for her but Pete likes them so he got to take the leftovers home.

Desserts? Of course! Pappadeaux is well known for the high quality of their desserts. I ordered the Turtle Fudge Brownie with Pecans to take home, as did Sharlene (though she started hers at the table and I snitched some bites). Bill ordered the Praline Bread Pudding Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream and Bourbon Sauce as did Elaine (all of Elaine’s went home as did much of Bill’s). Pete ordered the Banana Pudding, which comes in a jar which you can take home.

high temp 117
Our high for the day was 117

It heated up a lot today – the high reached 118° this afternoon while we were at the pool. It has been so hot lately that the pool temp was 92°, even though they run the aerators all night. The high is usually reached around 3-4 in the afternoon, but it was still hot after 5:00, as you can see in the photo at right. The 118° was a record for the date.

Kiss The Cook for breakfast. Quilting shopping. Dinner at Pappadeaux.

Elaine and Shauna
Elaine and Shauna at our outside patio table at Kiss The Cook
My Carrot Cake Pancake breakfast, with sausages

Saturday Breakfast Out was at Kiss The Cook in Glendale, a place we like to go to if we can get there early enough to avoid the rush and wait lines. Getting there around 7:45 accomplished that. Shauna spotted the Spinach Omelet on the board outside and had that, and I spotted the Carrot Cake Pancakes and had that. Elaine had Oatmeal with the works. It was such a nice day that we decided to eat on the outdoor patio at the front. Very comfy, but somewhat noisy. My sausage with my meal provided some leftovers for the boys, which they “attacked” me for upon arriving at home. Continue reading Kiss The Cook for breakfast. Quilting shopping. Dinner at Pappadeaux.

Social Club meeting. Winco shopping. Pappadeaux with Bill and Nancy.

Elaine slept in this morning so no breakfast out. Instead she made breakfast burritos for us. Then we went to the Social Club meeting at 10:00. We didn’t win the Rent Raffle this year (we did in 2015); someone else got the $475 credit against their rent for March, and others won the $100, $75, and $50 prizes.

After lunch we went to WinCo to do some shopping; Pete Petersen went along with us. While Pete shops at WinCo often, we have not been there for a couple of years. It is a great place to shop. They have a great and wide range of things to buy and their prices are excellent – lower than any of the grocery chains and maybe lower than Walmart. I know their produce is better than Walmart.

We really like the egg rolls from WinCo; Pete has shared some with us in the past. So that is one specific thing we went for. But while there we did buy several other things as well. The WinCo store is huge! I managed to get about 1/3 of the way through and had to call it quits and return to the car. Elaine finished the shopping as did Pete; I don’t know how much more of the store they covered!

Violettes and Schulings
Nancy Schuling, Elaine, Dave, Bill Schuling at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

This evening we went to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen with Bill and Nancy Schuling. Their anniversary is tomorrow and ours was four days ago, so we went out to celebrate together. Pappadeaux on a Saturday night is a challenge. We got there at 5:15 and it was already packed and had a long waiting line. But we decided it was worth the wait so I got signed in and we waited. We would have had to make the reservation call at least two days ago to be able to make one for a Saturday. I found a seat at the bar and the others stood for a while waiting. Then two more seats opened up and Elaine and Nancy took those while Bill stood by; he ordered drinks for us all while we waited. It took 1:15 before we got seated and it was 8:30 by the time we got out. Elaine wanted a large (3 lb) lobster but they did not have one so she ordered Pasta Mardi Gras. I ordered Atlantic Salmon Alexander. I had a Andouille Sausage Gumbo for an appetizer, Elaine had a Lobster Bisque. Needless to say, we had lots of leftovers to take home from our main courses plus we ordered some dessert to take home as well. It was a great evening; we always enjoy being with Nancy and Bill.

Pappadeaux with John. Dog wash.

John, Elaine, and Dave at Pappadeaux

When John knew he would be staying over again tonight, he requested of his Mom that we go to “that seafood place you like so much” for supper. He remembers that I occasionally write about going to Pappadeaux, so that is where we went. I think he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we are glad we went. Elaine had a lobster, John Pasta Mardi Gras, and I had Shrimp and Scallops over Orecchiette pasta with jumbo lump crab & asparagus in a creamy Parmesan vodka sauce. We had plenty to bring home for tomorrow. Continue reading Pappadeaux with John. Dog wash.

gang at dinner
Vaneddie Jones, Bill Russell, Marty House, Sharlene Froberg, Pete Petersen, Elaine Violette at Pappadeaux

When we heard Pappadeaux was having a Maine lobster special on Friday night, we knew we had to go. And so, it developed, did some others from here in Royal Palm. So group of us made arrangements to go together tonight. Vaneddie Jones, Bill Russell, Marty House, Sharlene Froberg, Pete Petersen, Elaine, and I went as a group. And as it turned out, Dale and Betty Stroh also went on their own; they would have been welcome to join our party had we know they were coming. The special was two one-pound lobsters for $29.95 along with  dirty rice. Elaine and I each ordered that meal and we brought home 2½ lobsters along with a bread pudding dessert. Continue reading