Paramedics Raffle and Party. Pei Wei.

presenting check
Cheryl Ringer and Betty Stroh with the check for the Paramedics. Capt Jeff in the background.

$1,753 – that is the amount of the check for funds raised by the Royal Palm Women’s Club and donated to the Phoenix Fire Department Paramedics this afternoon. The funds were raised by selling raffle tickets for items donated by residents. There were well over 100 items raffled off this afternoon, one at a time. The tickets were sold door-to-door by a group of volunteers over the last couple of weeks. This event has been going on for over 40 years and Royal Palm Community has donated around $50,000 to the Fire Department in that time. Continue reading Paramedics Raffle and Party. Pei Wei.

Weather. Weed killing. Pei Wei.

Our current weather forecast

Yes, we are experiencing some great spring weather here in Phoenix! The graphic to the left shows the forecast for the next week. Though a bit above normal, it’s just what we deserve. And we will take it and more. The warm weather brought out some summers swimmers this afternoon – people we haven’t seen at the pool since last fall. Bill Russell, Pete Petersen, and George Loonsfoot were in the pool for the first time. Jerry Denton has been a few times earlier and was there today. Leslie Nielsen did her sunning thing as did a couple of fellows we don’t know. Then a couple we don’t know came in the pool later on. Continue reading Weather. Weed killing. Pei Wei.

Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.

Elaine and Jan
Elaine and Jan clinking margarita glasses in the craft room

Elaine finally got the call about mid afternoon; Jan Ostlund had tried three times before and we had not been at home any of those times and Elaine never noticed she had received those calls. But it was not too late – she invited Jan to come over to do some craft stuff and she arrived shortly after. They had a great time for several hours – perhaps lubricated by the margaritas I made for them early on – and then we headed to Pei Wei for supper. Great to see Jan again! Continue reading Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.

Newsletter and ads. Surface Pro 2 charging.

Today was a newsletter day; the February issue goes to press on January 23rd. I worked on content – adding some stories and updating some categories. I have an interview to do tomorrow for the monthly Spotlight feature and the Social Club meeting comes up this Saturday; both will provide content for their respective sections of the newsletter. So at this point the February newsletter is progressing well. Last month I messed up two items on the calendar but I have now taken steps to avoid that problem in the future. Continue reading Newsletter and ads. Surface Pro 2 charging.

Christmas labels. Pei Wei.

It is that time – Christmas card time, that is! Our trips to Oregon and Cabos San Lucas were not well timed for that activity. While Elaine has our Christmas cards mostly made we still have to address the envelopes and print and insert the messages inside the cards. So we are sort of rushing around getting all those things done that are needed to finish the job. Continue reading Christmas labels. Pei Wei.

Hectic day. Newsletter.

It was a busy and hectic day today! I started off putting on the finishing touches to the Royal Palm newsletter, then took it to UPS for printing around 8:30 this morning. When they brought it up on the screen there we noted a problem with the front page; the masthead is supposed to have a faded-back photo of the entry sign with the words The Palm Press superimposed near the top. However, the photo was not faded, so the name did not show up well. I headed back home and worked on that, finding that I  had not used the correct PDF printing routine to produce the file I took to the printer. Once I used the correct driver the front page came out properly. Then back to UPS again. It was a busy morning for them with only one person on duty, so it took a while before the project was a go. I got home around 10:00. Continue reading Hectic day. Newsletter.