Babbo again. Ace coupons. Newsletter.

at Babbo's
Pete, Leisa, and Elaine at Babbo’s

We went to Babbo’s Italian Eatery again tonight. Pete Petersen and Leisa Herbst went with us this time. It was Pete’s first time; Leisa had been there a long time ago. Once again, great meals. I had the Pasta Puglia (Fresh Tomato Brodo, Fresh Mozzarella, Italian Sausage topped with Fresh Basil and Shaved Parmesan Cheese. Served on Fusilli), Elaine had Crusted Parmesan Chicken, Pete had Chicken Artichoke Calzone, and Leisa had a tomato pasta dish (sorry, I don’t remember). Continue reading Babbo again. Ace coupons. Newsletter.

Pete birthday at Pappadeaux. Hot 118 day.

at Pappadeaux
Bill, Sharlene, Pete, Dave, and Elaine at Pappadeaux

Today was Pete Petersen’s birthday, so Bill Russell, Sharlene Froberg, Elaine, and I took him out to dinner at one of his (and our) favorite places – Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. It being somewhat spendy, we don’t go there often but it sure is a great place to go for special occasions. Since it is Friday I made sure to call ahead this afternoon to make reservations – Pappadeaux is VERY busy on Friday and Saturday nights. We only had about a ten minute wait for a table to be ready, and we got there about five minutes ahead of the reservation time.

Pappadeaux has so many great dishes it is always hard to select what I want at any time. I ordered Fried Alligator and Crab and Spinach dip for appetizers; both were delicious. Pete and I both love the alligator.

Bill had lobster, Sharlene had Jumbo Shrimp Brochette, Elaine had Pasta Mardi Gras (her favorite), Pete had a chicken tenderloin dish, and I had Alaskan Halibut Piccata. Elaine and I both brought home three-fourths of our meals and we’ll have some great leftovers. Sharlene and Bill each took some of their meal home as well. We had a large order of Onion Rings; Elaine found them too spicy for her but Pete likes them so he got to take the leftovers home.

Desserts? Of course! Pappadeaux is well known for the high quality of their desserts. I ordered the Turtle Fudge Brownie with Pecans to take home, as did Sharlene (though she started hers at the table and I snitched some bites). Bill ordered the Praline Bread Pudding Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream and Bourbon Sauce as did Elaine (all of Elaine’s went home as did much of Bill’s). Pete ordered the Banana Pudding, which comes in a jar which you can take home.

high temp 117
Our high for the day was 117

It heated up a lot today – the high reached 118° this afternoon while we were at the pool. It has been so hot lately that the pool temp was 92°, even though they run the aerators all night. The high is usually reached around 3-4 in the afternoon, but it was still hot after 5:00, as you can see in the photo at right. The 118° was a record for the date.

Brunch with Sharlene. My workbench is clear.


My Breakfast Pizza was great

Pomelo at the Orchard – we had never heard of it, but now appreciate Sharlene Froberg’s choice for brunch today. It had been some time since we joined her and we looked forward to it. We would go back there. I had the Breakfast Pizza, and expected something the size of a personal pan pizza. Instead, I got one about 12 inches! It had garlic cream, hollandaise, fresh mozzarella, Schreiner’s sausage, peppers, onions, breakfast potatoes. And plop in the center were two eggs, sunny side up! It was very, very tasty though far more than I could eat. Three-fourths came home, and I shared some of that with Pete Petersen. Continue reading Brunch with Sharlene. My workbench is clear.

Breakfast burritos. Pot roast supper. Murky pool. 112.

Sunday is Breakfast Burrito day at our house – Elaine’s excellent ones. She cooks the meat mixture in advance in a large batch and freezes it in packages the correct size for two burritos. It’s a mix of ground beef and sausage with red and green peppers and onions chopped and mixed in. On burrito day she cooks some eggs, heats the meat mixture, puts some grated Mexican style cheese down on a tortilla and adds the eggs and meat on top and we are ready to go. Very fast to prepare and very, very tasty! The only other thing we add is salsa. Continue reading Breakfast burritos. Pot roast supper. Murky pool. 112.

Violette sign. Deck footstool. Echo vs Alexa.

name sign
Here’s the new Violette name sign recently added to our front planters

I completed installing our new Violette name sign this morning. This is a metal sign, painted black, with our last name in light violet done with vinyl lettering. We had it made at deSIGNery Sign Company on W Hatcher, the same place where we had the banners made for Royal Palm Social Club. Bill was very helpful in selecting sign materials and techniques.

front name sign
An overall look at the new Violette name sign

The sign is placed to cover the gap between planter face boards and helps to identify who lives here. As if they couldn’t tell from all the violet colors on the house! It fits in very nicely.

assembling foot stool
Pete assembling our new deck footstool
Elaine and footstool
Elaine and Gizmo relaxing and using our new deck footstool

My second project this morning was to assemble the deck footstool Elaine bought at IKEA the other day. Actually, Pete Petersen did the assembling while I sat and read the instructions and held some parts while he fastened them. Elaine thought the colors and materials would complement our rattan deck chairs, and she was correct. It fits in well. We both prefer to have our feet elevated when relaxing and needed something on which to rest them while sitting in our deck chairs. We both agreed that we are more likely to use our deck in good weather now that we have that footstool.

I changed the code word from “Alexa” to “Echo” for our Echo Dot. Those are two of the four options recognized; the other two are “Amazon” and “Computer”; the latter word is used often enough in our house that I didn’t want to use that one. The reason I changed it is that Elaine was having trouble remembering “Alexa” and kept wanting to call it “Alexia”. She tried some commands and got frustrated and gave up when she was not getting proper results.

Never too late. Tire down. Surface Pro 4.

HVAC controls for our Equinox

Never too late … to learn. I guess. Last winter I noticed that when we turned to heat in our 2012 Chev Equinox the air came out on the floor. I usually run the system on Auto (yellow pointer) and simply turn the A/C on or off (blue pointer) for cooling or heating. But we wanted the heated air to come out the console vents, to warm our upper bodies. So I used the upper airflow control (red pointer) to make the air come out the console. Instead it came out the floor vents. When I pressed the lower airflow control it came out the console. So I thought something had gotten messed up with the controls. Continue reading Never too late. Tire down. Surface Pro 4.

Outstanding House. 24PetWatch. Shed light switch.

Our house was selected as the Outstanding House Of The Month here in Royal Palm

Our house was selected as Outstanding House Of The Month in Royal Palm for June. This was the second time we were selected; the first was after our remodeling and repainting a year or so ago. We are proud to be so designated. We have put a lot of work into making our house more attractive, and would enjoy the result even without this honor. You can see the sign in our front yard all this month.

Having updated the licenses for Kerby and Gizmo, today I updated the info at – where their microchips are registered. The last address on file was our Texas mailing address and Gizmo’s info was not complete and there was no photo for him. While I was at it, I updated Kerby’s photo as well.

I added a z-wave light switch to operate the ceiling lights in the shed today. Or rather, I should say that Marv Fitchett did the wiring for me. This replaces the regular switch that has been there all along. The GE 12722 In-Wall Smart Switch connects nicely in our Nexia system. While it works locally by pushing the paddle on the switch, with a z-wave connection I can also operate the light from my smartphone, tablet, or computer. I also set up two buttons on the button panel by the front door to turn the light on and off as well.

Elaine did some major shopping at Winco and at 99¢ Only Store today. Part of it was shopping for the Royal Palm Rescue Pantry, part was for our own stores. Pete Petersen is an avid shopper at both places but has no car of his own, so he went along with her. I wish I could, but the Winco store is so large I cannot walk that far so Elaine has to handle it.

More stoning. Schlotzsky’s again.

That extra half-ton of stone has been moved. Andy Goodhart came over at 8:00 this morning as did George Krause with a small dump rig. Andy and I shoveled the remaining stone from our front yard project into the dump body and then it was driven to two different yards that needed some fresh white stone and to whom we donated those leftovers. We did not need any more. Both Andy and I were amazed that the whole job was completed in less than an hour! He had been dreading the effort of shoveling all that stone again and had anticipated a 2-3 hour project. Glad it turned out to be less! Continue reading More stoning. Schlotzsky’s again.

New flag. Lunch at Silver Spur Saloon. Breakfast at Schlotzski’s.

I am proudly flying the flag in front of our house now.

Proudly flying the US flag at our house now. I finally added a flag and flagpole, attached to the front of the house, and will continuously display it from now on. I have been meaning to do this for a LONG time but kept forgetting about it. I would think about it when I was not in a place to buy one, and when in such a place I would forget to get one. There is a street light across the street from us and I will initially call that good enough for lighting at night, but I will soon add a small spotlight shining on the flag. Continue reading New flag. Lunch at Silver Spur Saloon. Breakfast at Schlotzski’s.

Sierra Mist selected. Halibut from Costco. Newsletter done.

We selected the Sierra Mist white stone for our front yard today, from Pioneer Sand‘s plant on W Northern Ave. This is the whitest stone we could find here in the Valley, though I think we could have bought some white quartz in Tucson. Just not practical to get it here from Tucson! We saw some here in the Park that we thought was Sierra Mist, but took a ride out to the plant this morning to see it for ourselves. They will deliver it when we are ready to place it. Sorry – I forgot to take a photo while we were there.

Elaine went to Costco this afternoon to get some prunes and some tuna. She came back with those and much more, including some fresh halibut which we had for supper tonight. Pete went along, and while he did no shopping for himself he did select a cheese he thought I would like (I did). She also found a pair of stainless steel vacuum containers in which to carry her iced tea and other drinks. The plastic ones she has been using have not done a good job, but it looks like this new steel one will work well. She took it to the pool this afternoon to give it a test.

newsletter cover
Cover of the June issue of The Palm Press. Click on the image to download the file.

I got the newsletter completed this morning and took it to UPS to be printed, then picked it up this afternoon. You can download the newsletter in PDF format by clicking on the cover image at the right.