Merry Christmas

We had a Merry Christmas, thank you! It was a quiet day. A few friends came by to drop off a Christmas gift of handmade goodies and to leave with similar in hand. Elaine baked four loaves of banana nut bread today as well as a batch of chocolate fudge, and that was what people left with as well as some peanut brittle she had made a few days ago. Believe me, they were all good. I know, because I liberally sampled them all! Continue reading Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve.

If you have ever had one of Elaine’s Breakfast Burritos you know how lucky I was this morning. That’s a regular Sunday feature in our house. I have half for breakfast and the other half for lunch. Yum!

The discomfort I had the last two days did not return this morning. I hope it is over. Continue reading Christmas Eve.

Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Our Thanksgiving dinner set out on the patio.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We enjoyed a great turkey feast with Shauna and Casey and Pete Petersen. Later on Bill and Nancy Schuling stopped by and later on Bill Russell came by.  Those three did not come for dinner, though. The turkey went in the oven around 9:30; Shauna had prepared it to soak in brine overnight and it went in a roasting bag this morning and into a roasting pan. The turkey came out deliciously tender and moist. Shauna and Casey came over about 10:00 and she continued with dinner preparations. Continue reading Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Elaine: better. Board meeting. Church’s Chicken. Newsletter ads.

Good to see that Elaine is feeling better and stronger! She felt good enough to go to the Royal Palm Social Club Board meeting this morning. That was a great effort for her, but she handled it well. She knew she was not over the infection problem as her mind was still fuzzy, but she got through the two-hour session. She was glad to get back home, though, and she spent most of the afternoon in her recliner. Continue reading Elaine: better. Board meeting. Church’s Chicken. Newsletter ads.

Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

Good news – apparently the antibiotic is working, and Elaine is starting to feel better. She went to Dr Warren Johnson today, our primary care physician, and he ordered some blood tests which should help identify what is happening. And we should have the urine culture results back in a day or so, which may indicate a change in antibiotic. While still very tired, she has better color today, and by this afternoon seemed a little more lively. Continue reading Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

Sweet Tomatoes. Hashtags. Making blog tweeter. Yard sale prep.

Once more out to dinner – this time to Sweet Tomatoes. We joined Larry and Kay Hale, Bill Russell, and Pete Petersen there; it is the Hales’ last night in Phoenix as they are headed home to Michigan tomorrow. We will miss them! We had never met Larry and Kay before, but have come to enjoy them very much in the few weeks they have been here. #SweetTomatoes was good; Elaine and I have not been there for a couple of years, though we have liked it in the past. They have a great salad bar, good bakery selections, and lots of dessert choices. Pete and Bill go there often enough that the staff at checkout know them by name! Continue reading Sweet Tomatoes. Hashtags. Making blog tweeter. Yard sale prep.

Happy Birthday, Agnes. Stamping show. Shelves.

Agnes and cake
Agnes Volk and her birthday cake. Donna Volk in upper right

Happy Birthday, Agnes Volk! She is 93 years old and a lively, wonderful person – a real asset to Royal Palm. Her daughter-in-law, Donna Volk, organized a surprise birthday party for her and invited a lot of people from the Park – there were 23 of us at North Mountain Brewing Company for dinner tonight. We all enjoyed a great dinner and then shared a birthday cake with Agnes. I don’t know how Donna did it, visiting in Agnes’s house, but she made tons of decorations for the tables and had lots more for the walls. She and husband Glen, Agnes’s son, arranged for him to take Agnes out on some pretense and they “just happened” to end up at North Mountain where we were all gathered. It was a total surprise for Agnes! Continue reading Happy Birthday, Agnes. Stamping show. Shelves.

Newsletter panic. Golf cart decorating.

Nov 17 newsletter cover
Cover of the November 2017 The Palm Press. Click to download the newsletter

Our great volunteer crew gathered at the Clubhouse at 9:30 this morning to fold and stuff the newsletters. This month’s issue is 24 pages, and four of those are inserts. There is a back-to-back color insert and a back-to-back black-and-white insert. The inserts are necessary because the newsletter is printed in four-page folios; the outside front and back inside and outside pages are in color and the other pages are in black-and-white. If the other four pages were all black-and-white they could have been printed and bound with the rest, but since two pages are color ads they have to be separate. Continue reading Newsletter panic. Golf cart decorating.

Bug in the pool. Warmer day. Newsletter.

bug on pool steps
Elaine placing the large plastic roach-like bug on the pool steps

Among the decorations Elaine bought for Halloween were three large plastic roach-like bugs. Then in her perverse humor she decided to play a trick on Bill Russell at the pool today, so she took one of the bugs and placed it on the pool steps near where the handrail leads down. Her intent was to get a rise from Bill Russell when he came to the pool, but she also got a response from some others. Bill started down the steps but immediately saw the bug and exclaimed “What’s that?!?” Pete Petersen, who was in on the gag by that time, walked over in the pool to take a closer look then reached down and said it was moving as he put his hand close. Continue reading Bug in the pool. Warmer day. Newsletter.

More shopping LOL

Last week Elaine had placed an order with Bed, Bath & Beyond for an item to be delivered but realized when she got home she did not have a receipt for it and she did not get email confirmation. I checked our credit card account and saw the charges had been made so the transaction had happened. So today she wanted to go back to the store to be sure the details had been handled correctly. We stopped to chat with Pete Petersen and Bobby Fierro on our way out and asked Pete if he wanted to come. He said yes, if we were also going to Trader Joe’s, which is nearby. Sure, we told him. Continue reading More shopping LOL