Kerby posed. Battery change. More on motorhome values.

Kerby posed
I got Kerby to hold still long enough to get his photo. Doesn’t happen very often.

Over the years Kerby’s behavior has slightly changed, as he gets older. He used to be very lively and we could get him to play with ease, but as he gets older he has slowed down a lot and now can’t be teased into romping. When a visitor comes Kerby will go over to them and greet them; if the visitor sits on the couch Kerby will go sit at the person’s feet and enjoys being petted. But he can’t jump onto the couch as Gizmo does. One behavior is that he does not like to have his photo taken. Usually if he sees me get my phone camera out he turns around or will head for another room. So I felt fortunate this morning when he sat still so I could get the photo at right. Continue reading Kerby posed. Battery change. More on motorhome values.

Breakfast at Wildflower Breads. More cleanout on motorhome. OurHous pamphlet.

Three cheese and tomato frittata, sausage, and home fries

Gail Brazell had told us about Wildflower Bread Company as a breakfast spot, so we headed there this morning. We went to the one off Deer Valley Rd and west of I-17. The food was great! Elaine had Steelcut Oatmeal. I had a Three Cheese Mushroom & Tomato frittata (eggs, Swiss, feta, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach topped with slow-roasted tomatoes, scallions and goat cheese served with Wildflower Home Fries and buttered Ciabata toast) plus some sausage. The sausage was among the best I have had and the frittata was delicious. I did not finish my breakfast so brought a lot home, and that was what I had for supper tonight. While we enjoyed the food very much, we both had a hard time in the restaurant itself due to the noise level. The interior has a very harsh metallic atmosphere and coupled with music playing a little too loud people had to talk loud above the background noise. Continue reading Breakfast at Wildflower Breads. More cleanout on motorhome. OurHous pamphlet.

Tiny houses. Motorhome recharge.

I read an article recently about a trend in New York City and large California cities where new apartments are being built that are much smaller than previous standards. These are in the 350-450 square foot (sf) size. A major reason for this trend is the higher cost of housing in those places and trying to create more affordable housing. Many of these are being built in inner cities, close to employment, and mostly of interest to younger workers. The story made much of how to live in such a small space, but we lived in such for several years – in a motorhome. Continue reading Tiny houses. Motorhome recharge.