Beautiful quilt. Cleaning medical shed. Newsletter almost done.

Craft ladies admiring the quilt Shauna made for Elaine.

We came back from doing some work this morning to find a surprise package on our deck. Addressed to Elaine, it was a beautiful large quilt done in – wait for it – violet and purple colors! It was from daughter Shauna; she made it herself, using her large quilting machine to finish it off. Elaine was so excited about it that she took it to her craft session this morning to show it to her crafting friends. I was there, and there were lots of wonderful comments about the handiwork. It will now fit nicely on our bed. Continue reading Beautiful quilt. Cleaning medical shed. Newsletter almost done.

Beautiful quilt

A beautiful quilt made by Shauna Dockter and sent to us.

We received a mysterious package in the mail yesterday. A small box closed with bright pink duct tape. It came from Shauna Dockter, daughter. We thought at first it was for Christmas until Shauna told her Mom to open it right away. Among the items in the box was the beautiful quilt you see in the photo at right. Elaine put it on the couch in our living room, where we can enjoy it every day. Continue reading Beautiful quilt