Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.

Kerby after
Kerby after grooming today
Kerby before
Kerby before grooming today

For some reason Kerby looked much shaggier this time than usual, but he sure cleaned up nicely as did Gizmo! Lately they have been going on Sundays to Danielle, but this time it went an extra day to Monday, but I don’t think an extra day made a shag difference. Kerby, having a light-colored coat, gets dirty looking so quickly it is always nice to see him clean again but it only lasts for a day or so. Continue reading Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.

John visit. Happy Anniversary. New LED lights.

John’s truck parked on a vacant lot down the street

John is in for a visit today for a day or so, and this time we arranged for him to park his tractor on a vacant lot nearby us. That way he can check on it whenever he wants and he feels more secure. The Park gate is closed from 6 PM to 6 AM. Tonight he took us to Red Lobster to celebrate our 32nd anniversary as well as Valentine’s Day. Dinner was delicious! Continue reading John visit. Happy Anniversary. New LED lights.

Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.

Before: The kitchen with the temporary countertops.
After: The new granite countertops are in place

At long last, our kitchen countertops were installed today! And we are as pleased with our choice of granite material as we hoped we would be. The granite crew spent much of the day doing the install. Marv Fitchett was here all the time to help in preparing for the countertop install and to pitch in when needed. And now this evening Elaine is unpacking more boxes and putting things away in the kitchen; only seven boxes to go. She did not want to do that before the tops were finished. Now we get to make those decisions about how to arrange our kitchen and everything that goes into it. Continue reading Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.