Biker ladies. Grandkid time. Fun family dinner at Sapporo’s.

Elaine and Shauna on Harley
Elaine and Shauna on Shauna’s Harley

After Shauna finished her crossfit session this morning I took Elaine to meet up with her so she could go to Green River and Shauna could do her nails. Then she called for me to pick her up around noon and we went to Don Pedro’s for lunch. I drove our Equinox to the restaurant, but Elaine rode with Shauna on the back of her motorcycle – a big red Harley named Ruby. I think she enjoyed the ride, and I know Shauna enjoyed having her Mom on her bike! Continue reading Biker ladies. Grandkid time. Fun family dinner at Sapporo’s.

Sapporo. Wind continues. Web work.

This was my dinner. I only ate about one-fourth.

Part show, part great food, and part great company. That was our dinner at Sapporo tonight with Shauna and Casey Dockter. We had shared this with them the last time we were here, and looked forward to doing it again. Sapporo is a Japanese restaurant with your meal cooked in front of you on a large hibachi with lots of flair. These young chefs are trained to entertain, and that they do. We shared a Sapporo Special For Two – 8 oz filet mignon, 5 oz lobster tail, 8 pcs shrimp, 7 oz chicken. And we brought home about ¾ of each meal for leftovers! They will be yum. I enjoyed a saki-based martini and also had some squirted saki while the meal was being prepared. Continue reading Sapporo. Wind continues. Web work.