More stoning. Schlotzsky’s again.

That extra half-ton of stone has been moved. Andy Goodhart came over at 8:00 this morning as did George Krause with a small dump rig. Andy and I shoveled the remaining stone from our front yard project into the dump body and then it was driven to two different yards that needed some fresh white stone and to whom we donated those leftovers. We did not need any more. Both Andy and I were amazed that the whole job was completed in less than an hour! He had been dreading the effort of shoveling all that stone again and had anticipated a 2-3 hour project. Glad it turned out to be less! Continue reading More stoning. Schlotzsky’s again.

New flag. Lunch at Silver Spur Saloon. Breakfast at Schlotzski’s.

I am proudly flying the flag in front of our house now.

Proudly flying the US flag at our house now. I finally added a flag and flagpole, attached to the front of the house, and will continuously display it from now on. I have been meaning to do this for a LONG time but kept forgetting about it. I would think about it when I was not in a place to buy one, and when in such a place I would forget to get one. There is a street light across the street from us and I will initially call that good enough for lighting at night, but I will soon add a small spotlight shining on the flag. Continue reading New flag. Lunch at Silver Spur Saloon. Breakfast at Schlotzski’s.

Triple digits. Drippers. Schlotzsky’s.

Today’s high was 100, and we have more coming.

Phoenix hit triple digits today – 100°. And we are forecast to go higher the next two days. But, shockers, between Sunday and Wednesday the temps will drop about 28°! Normal for this time of year is around 90°.

I worked outside much of the morning, and though I felt the higher temps it was by no means uncomfortable to be out.

in box
Drip line assembly in place in a planter box

My task this morning was to assemble the dripper lines to go in the planter boxes. I have the two 36″ boxes on hand and the 32″ boxes I ordered from Walmart are at the store, to be picked up tomorrow. I assembled and connected the drip line for the first of the 36″ boxes, as you can see in the photo at right.

Seven drip assemblies ready for boxes

I also assembled the drip lines for the remaining seven, as you can see in the other photo. They are simple – a short run from the distribution pipe to a 90° bend, then a series of three inline emitters followed by a plug. Once I have the remaining boxes in position I will insert the drip line for each into the distribution line.

Elaine headed over to The Paper Collage again today for another card class and came back with several new ones. She will probably assemble some card kits for use at the craft sessions here at Royal Palm later this fall as well as for her own use. She likes getting the design ideas from these classes, even though she will almost always do her own thing and modify the designs. And it always seems that the teacher uses new sets of colors for each project group, so that means extending her Copic pen collection.

We decided to go to Schlotzsky’s to get supper. We hear a lot of good things about Schlotzsky’s from Pete Petersen and Bill Russell, who go there often, and Pete has recommended them in his Pete’s Picks in our monthly newsletter. His favorite is the Combination Pizza, and I ordered that tonight. Elaine ordered the Brisketeer Mac, an overloaded mac n’ cheese with tons of cheddar cheese topped with succulent hickory wood-smoked brisket. She had them leave off the cilantro. I liked the pizza and Elaine’s dish as well. We also had a Schlotzsky’s sandwich at Marilyn’s birthday pool party on Sunday, and liked that one as well. Perhaps we will more likely go back in the future.