Shelve it. Great weather. Newsletter.

shelving materials
Shelving materials for our shed addition, bought at The Home Depot today. The 2x4s and standards are on top of the seat backs, the shelf brackets on the floor.

I started the next step in our new shed addition – adding the shelving system. I decided to use the ClosetMaid 60-inch twin track standards and the shelf brackets to match. I attached 2x4s on the back wall, which was the outside wall of the original shed, and attached standards to them. On the front wall I simply attached the standards to the 2x3s Marv had used to frame the addition. I will only have deep shelving in two of the three bays and will leave the other bay available for taller items. Tomorrow I will get the shelving material and finish the job. Continue reading Shelve it. Great weather. Newsletter.