Trader Joe’s. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Smashburger. MT snow.

Trader Joe's
A look inside Trader Joe’s

When Elaine returned from the Women’s Club meeting around 11:30 this morning she asked if I wanted to go to Trader Joe’s with her (I did). We like Trader Joe’s for some shopping, though it is too far away for us to do our regular shopping there. They do carry a good selection of produce but we mostly buy packaged goods and not produce there. I am not sure about Elaine, but the produce doesn’t look as good as what we see at Fry’s. They have quite a selection of packaged meats and cheeses and a great selection of frozen items. The Trader Joe’s we go to is on N 20th St, just south of Camelback, and is the size of a neighborhood market. Very easy to get around in. Continue reading Trader Joe’s. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Smashburger. MT snow.

Mother’s Day lunch. Shopping at The Home Depot. Front yard work.

at Smashburger
Elaine at Smashburger. She’s talking on the phone with Destry.

It was her choice, so we had Mother’s Day lunch at Smashburger. Smashburger is Elaine’s favorite burger place, and she especially likes the Avocado Club Burger (Fresh avocado, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing & mayo on a multi-grain bun) with Veggie Frites (Fresh green beans & carrot strips, flash fried). I had a Buffalo and Blue Cheese Burger (Frank’s® RedHot® Buffalo Sauce, blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato & mayo on an egg bun) with Fried Pickles (Garlic pickles battered & fried). The was our first time trying the Fried Pickles; they were OK but not an outstanding choice for me.

new plants
A hanging basket of portulaca and some new plants in the planter beyond.

Earlier this morning Elaine, Kerby, Gizmo, and I had gone shopping at The Home Depot for some front yard stuff. We needed some additional plants for one of the planter boxes and Elaine also wanted some for the ground level. She picked out a couple of purple lantana pots for ground level; these shrubs grow well in Arizona and will expand and spread. You can see them in the photo below.

white chain
My first try on attaching the white plastic chain to the black posts. There will be two runs of chain between each pair of posts.

We also got the base hardware for the eighth post, and bought the white chain and hardware to attach it to the posts. We bought screw eyes for one end of each chain segment and screw hooks for the other end. The chains will be permanently attached to the eyes but can be removed at the hook end for whatever purpose. When I first experimented with the attachments I was not happy with the screw hooks because of their length; they stood out to far from the post face. But I realized later that all I have to do is screw them in further! Duh!


Smashburger. Rain. Shopping.

My Black Bean Burger, and Elaine’s Avocado Club Sandwich plus Veggie Frites

Come time for lunch, I suggested we try the taco place for which we have some coupons for free tacos. “No”, said Elaine, “If I have a choice let’s go to Smashburger.” So Smashburger it was. “Our smashed burgers are always made-to-order, never frozen, smashed and seared to perfection on our grill.” And we will agree they are tasty. A choice for Smashburger is always good. Continue reading Smashburger. Rain. Shopping.

Hectic, tired. Flu shots. Geek Squad.

flu shot
My flu shot badge. We both got them today.

We got our flu shots today. The Walgreen’s at 35th Ave and Dunlap Ave sponsored a clinic here at Royal Palm so that residents could get their flu shots. Elaine and I both got ours when we showed up for the Royal Palm Social Club Board meeting, so we are set for the season. This was a welcome service offered by Walgreen’s, and we hope to foster and closer relationship with more events such as this in the future. I also hope to get them to advertise in our newsletter, The Palm Press. Such services are very beneficial for those who cannot get out easily, and we have some of those here in the park since wee are a 55+ community. Continue reading Hectic, tired. Flu shots. Geek Squad.