Snowy day. Jo back home.

snowy road scene
These were the conditions along Elk St in Rock Springs when we out to do some shopping late this afternoon.

It started last night, and continues through the day and evening. SNOW! By this time, around 6:30 PM, we have received about 8-10 inches. During most of the day the temps were around 28-30°, but late this afternoon the temp dropped and the wind started blowing 8-15 mph. Right now the temp is 4° and the forecast is for -6° tonight. Continue reading Snowy day. Jo back home.

It started out miserable, but got better.

It’s snowing this morning

We were awakened around 2:00 this morning by a sudden burst of very strong wind against OurHous. This kept up for a long time, and it soon started raining. Elaine said this kept her partially awake for a couple of hours, but I went back to sleep again. When I got up the temp was around 48° but it kept dropping until by around 10:00 it was down to 38°. I had our rooftop electric heat going all night, but this morning I had to switch to gas heat; the rooftop heat pump units will not produce heat when the outside temp drops below the mid-40s. The wind let up this morning but was back with a vengeance around 10:00 or so and continued most of the day off and on. Continue reading It started out miserable, but got better.