More yard sale stuff. Newsletter work. Gizmo eye drops.

I spent some time this morning getting out some more items for our yard sale tables. These latest ones included the Iris home automation kit I bought but never used, a Schlage remote operation deadlock I tried but did not use, and a 36-volt battery saver unit for golf carts. I bought the latter when we still had a 36-volt golf cart but we soon after bought a 48-volt golf cart so did not need it. Those three items are being offered at great discounts from their price new. I had two customers today and brought in another $4. Continue reading More yard sale stuff. Newsletter work. Gizmo eye drops.

Cooler weather. Country Boys Restaurant. Social Club meeting. Newsletter.

temps in 90s
A break in the weather as we approach fall.

“I wish it could be like this year-round”, Elaine said this afternoon as we headed to the pool. Temperatures in the 90s after weeks over 100 make this current weather seem mild. I know, for our friends and family in most other parts of the country temperatures in the 90s are anything BUT mild. But it’s all relative! We may still get 100+ temps but in any case it portends coming milder weather. Continue reading Cooler weather. Country Boys Restaurant. Social Club meeting. Newsletter.

Look Back: Virginia City NV. Temperature dropping. Board meeting.

Delta Saloon
The Delta Saloon on C Street in Virginia City NV. The famous Suicide Table is located here.

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] On September 20, 2011, Elaine and I and Kerby visited Virginia City NV in our motorhome. We got a chance to explore some of the historic places in this old silver mining center and took in the atmosphere of the town. One place I enjoyed more than anything else was the 4th Ward School Museum. Lots of history shown there on several floors, telling the story of Virginia City and its many famous players. The photo shows C Street – the main street in Virginia City – and the historic Delta Saloon. The famous Suicide Table in the Delta is where (at least) three people died by their own hand as a result of gambling losses. Continue reading Look Back: Virginia City NV. Temperature dropping. Board meeting.

I finished the addition to Elaine’s Copic bin. Social Club meeting. Breakfast at Moon Valley Cafe. Class at The Paper Collage.

Copic bin
This is the bin for Elaine’s Copic pens to store upright

I finally got around to finishing the project on Elaine’s Copic storage bin. She had bought this to store all her Copic pens but found that they slipped right through if she lifted the grillage that holds the pens upright. My solution was to add a sheet of plastic to the bottom of the grillage so the pens would not drop through and a week or so ago I made my first attempt at doing this. Unfortunately my first attempt did not work because I did not cut the plastic square, despite using a combination square to lay out the cut lines. The second time I did it correctly and now she has the bin fixed. Continue reading I finished the addition to Elaine’s Copic bin. Social Club meeting. Breakfast at Moon Valley Cafe. Class at The Paper Collage.

Fast Eddie’s. Philodendron climbing. 110. Estivation? Social Club meeting. Newsletter.

My one-egg Denver omelet with sausage

We went for breakfast this morning to Fast Eddie’s, on W Bell Road near N 33rd Ave. We have been there before, but not for quite a while. They have great food at good prices. We often order one meal and split it, but Elaine decided to try their oatmeal so I ordered a one-egg Denver omelet, as you can see in the photo. Just enough, and very tasty. I ate one of the sausages and brought the second home for the boys. Continue reading Fast Eddie’s. Philodendron climbing. 110. Estivation? Social Club meeting. Newsletter.

Back yard awning. Card class. Potluck.

awning in place
This is the first step: the awning structure is in place

Marv Fitchett worked today installing our back yard awning. This awning is about 4 ft wide by 20 ft long and covers the back porch and back to the rear of the house. The idea is to keep rain off the porch and to some extent off the dogs’ outside area. It will also provide some shade except in late afternoons in the summer. We have fenced the area off so far using the portable foldable dog fence we used during our RVing years, but Marv will be installing a 4 ft high lattice fence in the new system. Continue reading Back yard awning. Card class. Potluck.

Boxed into a corner. Rock shopping. Social Club meeting. Breakfast at Denny’s.

Once again I have boxed myself into a corner! My schedule calls for the Royal Palm newsletter to go to the printer on Monday and to be distributed on Tuesday. I still have several pages not complete and have a couple of ads to get, and I need to give the reviewers a day for their work. Why did this happen (again)? I simply lost track of time and spent my efforts on something else instead (our front yard project). Grrrrr! I will again have to move the printing and delivery days one day forward.

We want white rock for the ground cover in our front yard project. But can we find it? No! I have searched a number of web sites for local landscaping supply firms and have talked with 2-3 companies directly. Today we drove to the yard of Pioneer Landscaping Materials on N 7th Street, out near Deer Valley Airport. They did not show any white stone on their web site but I thought it was worth a try to ask; perhaps they had something that was not shown on the web or could help us locate what we are looking for. The young men on duty were very helpful: no, they don’t have any stock there but they knew of a material called Sierra Mist that might meet our needs. One got on the phone to another of their locations in the Valley and sure enough, they do have it. The other fellow texted a photo over to the caller so we could see it. It was not exactly what we were looking for – it seemed to have too much grey in some of the stones in the mix. But we can at least drive to that other location to see it. Tonight when walking the boys I noticed that a neighbor four lots down from us has a stone in her front yard that looks very much like the Sierra Mist, and it seems to have less of the grey than in the photo, so perhaps we can use that material. At minimum we could pick out any grey stones to leave more white. Once the newsletter is out we can work on the project again.

Our monthly Social Club meeting was held this morning, and we both went of course. Elaine is Secretary of the Social Club and I am Editor of The Palm Press, so we are on the agenda. The meeting was short – about 30 minutes or so – since there was not a lot of business or issues to discuss. While usually lasting for about an hour, some have gone for 1½ hours.

Our Saturday morning breakfast out was at the local Denny’s today. Elaine had suggested that we try the Breakfast Sandwich at Schlotzsky’s, but though the sign on the door said they opened at 7:00 AM and it was about 7:45, the door was locked. Denny’s is next door. We were not happy with the Denny’s, though; the table was not clean, the menus were dirty, the floors had stuff on them, and there was a napkin on the windowsill beside us. I will register our complaint at their web site.

Bingo Cushion. Allergies lessened. O’Reilly Auto Parts. Web work.

Bingo cushion
The Bingo Cushion Raffle flyer I made this afternoon

Gail Brazell called this afternoon and after apologizing for the short notice asked if I could make a flyer for her. She and others who run the Bingo operation here at Royal Palm had done some shopping this afternoon and they found seat cushions for sale. The one that caught their attention had Bingo sheets imprinted on it. These cushions would be good for stadium seats but also for typical folding chairs such as are found in Bingo parlors. While the folding chairs in our Royal Palm clubhouse are much more comfortable than others, I am sure they can get tiring after a time. So the Bingo team will raffle off the first one they bought today and, if successful, may purchase more for raffling in the future. Ticket prices are shown in the flyer. The proceeds will go to the Social Club, which sponsors the Bingo operation here. Bingo runs every Thursday evening and Elaine is a regular. Continue reading Bingo Cushion. Allergies lessened. O’Reilly Auto Parts. Web work.

More allergies. Women’s Club elections. Working on new web features.

Still suffering from seasonal allergies today, but not as bad as yesterday. I took one loratadin early this morning, another in early afternoon, and another after supper. That has kept things in check, though I am still having trouble breathing and I tire very easily. This too shall pass!

Elaine went to the Women’s Club meeting this morning; it was the annual elections meeting. Chris Nugent is the new President, Valerie Grotefend the new Secretary. Elaine, Vice President, and Mary Espinoza, Treasurer, were not up for election. The terms of office are two years and they elect half the officers each year. Elayne Stettmeier is the outgoing President, Cheryl Ringer the outgoing Secretary. The women are busy getting ready for the Paramedics Raffle and Party coming this Friday.

After she came home from the meeting we headed out right away for grocery shopping at Fry’s. Then after lunch we headed to Walgreen’s to pick up some prescriptions and a couple of other items and then headed over to Jared’s in Paradise Valley Mall area to pick up some earrings Elaine had left for repairs. That got us back home around 2:45 and Elaine went to the pool. I was so tired by that time that I laid back in my recliner and slept for about an hour.

I have been working over the last three days studying how to incorporate member management into my web sites. The site as well as the site both need some aspects of member management, though the need for the Violette Family Association is much  greater and more complex.

The previous Violette Family site had a Member Profile page where members could log in and update aspects of their member info and had a similar function in the admin area. This was a robust system that I had written over the years and had used in several different sites. But when I moved from my SitePower system to WordPress this feature did not come right away. As evidenced by a woman who commented on one of my recent stories, there is a need for Violettes to join online as well as to maintain their info.

I have researched several plugins that provide member management functions for WordPress sites and found aspects of a couple that might do some of the job we need. But the needs of the Violette Family Association go beyond what all of them offer, so I will need to do some additional custom programming. My decision at this point is which will provide me the best base from which to start. I will also be able to use whichever system as a learning opportunity to see how various operations are carried out in WordPress systems.

For the Social Club, I just need a function to store info about members who have signed up to receive alert messages by email and/or text message and to then send the alerts when needed.

Purple daisies. Social Club meeting. Sending emails.

A pot of purple daisies that showed up in our front yard this morning by surprise.

We were shocked when we arrived home from the Social Club meeting late this morning to see a large pot in our front yard with lots of purple daisies blooming in it! It was a total mystery to us. Not expected, no idea who brought them to us. We learned later it was Bobby Fierros. We had talked with him last year about getting some of his roses, but it never materialized so maybe this was done instead. Thanks, Bobby!

Yes, it was monthly Social Club meeting time this morning. I had to explain to those attending the circumstances around the alert notice flap that occurred yesterday. The alert system I used allowed recipients to respond but their response ended up being sent to  all recipients – not what I wanted. What made this worse is that a few people posted many responses and some were rude and crude. I told folks this morning that the list had  been shut down temporarily yesterday at 5:00 and would not be restarted until I could find a way to avoid this situation happening again.

I did a lot of research today trying to find a plugin for WordPress (the web site runs on WordPress) that would allow one-direction mailing to a list, but was not able to find one. What’s more, while I could find plugins that will send emails and ones that will send text messages, I could find none that would send both and this is something our system needs.

So my next option will be to create one of my own, programmed in the PHP language. The systems I have tried so far worked independently from the web site, but now I want to tie it in so whomever runs the web site can also send those alert messages. I have a very capable emailing routine written in ASP.NET and running in some of my previous web sites and if the current site were working in ASP.NET I could easily add this to the site. But since I decided to change to WordPress, and WordPress runs on PHP, I cannot do that and will have to either start from scratch or rewrite my ASP.NET routines in PHP. Either will be a fun challenge!