A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.

sunset and moon
Another glorious sunset here in Phoenix, accompanied by a sliver moon.

Occasionally I comment about, and show photos of, our Arizona sunsets. Tonight it was so bright and brilliant I had to share once again. Our mostly clear skies that have clouds on the western horizon late in the day create conditions for these great sunsets. We also have conditions in the morning for great sunrises, but they are harder to take photos of because of the mountains to the east of the Valley. That is why you are most likely to see sunset photos here. Continue reading A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.

Fixing leaks. Improving web site. Sunset.

Marv on roof
Marv coming off the roof in his Tyvec suit.

Marv worked on our patio awning roof today, sealing old holes from previous installations so we don’t get leaks on the deck and patio. Apparently the awning panels at our house were used at a previous location with the support beams in a different location. This left two series of holes, though someone did try to seal them off at one time. For the most part, that sealing worked but we were still¬† left with some holes leaking on our deck furniture and on the patio floor. Today Marv sprayed an elastomeric coating on the top of the awning roof wherever those holes showed; this should solve the problem. Continue reading Fixing leaks. Improving web site. Sunset.

New door latch. Sunset.

Sunset looking south
Sunset looking west

Around noon today some clouds started rolling in, part of the front of Hurricane Newton that is working up from Cabo San Lucas into southeastern Arizona and western New Mexico. As a result, we were treated to a beautiful sunset tonight, with the clouds becoming colored from the setting sun. We may have a similar sunrise tomorrow morning and perhaps a sunset tomorrow night. But there is a forecast of rain, so there may too much  cloud cover for a colorful sunset. We have rain forecast for the next couple of days. We need it. Continue reading New door latch. Sunset.