The Beaver Bar for supper. Back to swimming. 99°.

group at The Beaver Bar
Our group: Bill Russell, Kay, Agnes Volk, Pete Petersen, Elaine, Donna Volk, Lisa Boyd, Jeff Tennyson, Larry

We have heard from Pete Petersen and Bill Russell how good the food is at The Beaver Bar & Grill is so tonight a group of us headed there; it’s on N 19th Ave. In addition to Pete, Elaine, and me there was Agnes Volk, Donna Volk, Lisa Boyd and Jeff Tennyson, Bill Russell and his sister, Kay and her husband Larry. It was a fun gang to go with. The place is what it sounds like – a bar and grill. Lots of sports TVs, loud music, pool tables, and a bar. Their Tuesday special is 99¢ tacos and $4.95 margaritas. Continue reading The Beaver Bar for supper. Back to swimming. 99°.

Morning cool. Swimming again. Travel plans.

I couldn’t believe the temperature I saw on the thermometer this morning, it was 57°! We’ve had nights down in the 60s lately, but this is several degrees lower. Not that we won’t be seeing temps like that soon – but after several months with overnight lows in the 80s it is a surprise. Our heat even came on once this morning! I have the thermostat set for heating to 75° and cooling to 78° in the fall and spring, so it had dropped below 75. Our days are very nice this time of year; normal is around 98° and they will being dropping further still. Continue reading Morning cool. Swimming again. Travel plans.

Soft and clean and fluffy. Planning. Swimming.

This was maintenance bathing day for Kerby and Gizmo and we took them to Danielle at 11:00 this morning. About two hours later they were ready and smelling great again. They get a little heavy smelling when it is time for grooming or bath and this last period was one week longer – four weeks instead of the usual three – because I forgot to make the appointment with Danielle! When she was at Pet Club their system allowed me to set up appointments and get reminders. Now that we work with her on her own that element is missing and I keep forgetting to set it up on my own calendar. Hmmm….. Perhaps I should do that once I am done with this! Continue reading Soft and clean and fluffy. Planning. Swimming.

John in town. New gate in Royal Palm. Swimming.

John's truck
John’s truck parked on a lot down the street from us

We were delighted to hear yesterday that son John Ogden was coming to Phoenix, and he arrived at our house this afternoon around 1:30. He parked his truck on the vacant space across D Street and down a little, as usual, with permission from the office. Not sure how long he will be here, but at least until tomorrow.

at Las Gloria's
John, Elaine, and Dave at Las Gloria’s

We headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper tonight, since John wanted some Mexican food. It was delicious, as usual. John and Elaine had the Fajitas Supremas (Grilled steak, tender shrimp, and marinated chicken breast served on a sizzling bed of sautéed vegetables) and I had the Steak Picado (Diced grilled steak with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spicy sauce. Served with rice, beans and flour tortillas.) Elaine and I both brought home full takeout boxes, so we’ll have leftovers for a couple of days. Yum!

New gate
The new gates are a little fancier in design and have a large emblem facing the street. That’s George Immerso “behind bars”.

The new entry gates were installed here at Royal Palm this morning. The old ones had to be replaced because they were badly bent due to someone running into them. This seems to happen 2-3 times a year, but is so senseless. People are in such a hurry and try to beat the gate while it is closing. How stupid!

The replacement includes a new operating system as well, with new gate operators and new controls. While we will be able to open the entry gate remotely as before, instead of using a clicker remote the new system will scan a card mounted on our windshield (or held up for the scanner to view). We’ll also be able to enter a code on the new control panel to open the gate.

We went swimming this afternoon as usual, but were by ourselves for the first twenty minutes. Then a few others came in and by the time we left there were six of us. That was quiet compared with yesterday, when there were eleven of us in the pool before we left!

AZ hot, AZ cold, AZ windy.

We have been having above-average temperatures here in the Valley of the Sun the last couple of weeks. Average is around 85° at this time of year yet we have had many back to back 90+ days; this last Sunday parts of the Valley had temps of 100° and 101°. Not totally unusual. From “Over the past 30 years, the average first day of 100-degree weather is May 2, according to National Weather Service statistics. We’re already a month past the record for earliest triple-digit temperatures — that happened March 26, 1988.” Our current forecast calls for a drop to just below average on Thursday, but the temperatures will climb above average and into the 90s again soon. Continue reading AZ hot, AZ cold, AZ windy.

Face boards painted. Newsletter published.

boards painted
Two of the five face boards for the planter boxes. All are painted now.

I finished painting the five boards that will be used on the face of our new planters. We used the same paint as our house trim, a dark purple. There are two of them on the stands and three more on the table in the back of the photo. They have been painted on both sides and are now ready to be installed. I will do the drip plumbing first, since it will be easier to do without the boards in place.

I finished the newsletter this morning and took it to the UPS at E Dunlap and Central to be printed. They struggled with it at first but finally discovered what setting needed to be changed so that the cover would get picked up and added to the book. I left after being able to see the first one come off and will go back tomorrow morning to pick them up. I also got the electronic copy posted to the web site, from there it gets posted in the Royal Palm Social Club Facebook group.

We had a good visit with George Immerso this morning. He stopped by to drop off his notes from newsletter review and stayed for a while to chat.

We went to the pool this afternoon but ended up not swimming. The pool water had gotten cloudy over the weekend – probably from the extra load of kids and adults there on Saturday. The crew shocked it this morning, but we decided to wait and let it clear up before swimming again. We did go in the spa while there, though.

Kiss The Cook for breakfast. Quilting shopping. Dinner at Pappadeaux.

Elaine and Shauna
Elaine and Shauna at our outside patio table at Kiss The Cook
My Carrot Cake Pancake breakfast, with sausages

Saturday Breakfast Out was at Kiss The Cook in Glendale, a place we like to go to if we can get there early enough to avoid the rush and wait lines. Getting there around 7:45 accomplished that. Shauna spotted the Spinach Omelet on the board outside and had that, and I spotted the Carrot Cake Pancakes and had that. Elaine had Oatmeal with the works. It was such a nice day that we decided to eat on the outdoor patio at the front. Very comfy, but somewhat noisy. My sausage with my meal provided some leftovers for the boys, which they “attacked” me for upon arriving at home. Continue reading Kiss The Cook for breakfast. Quilting shopping. Dinner at Pappadeaux.

Dog love stickers. Swimming.

Puppy love paws stickers

I discovered this sticker on Amazon a few weeks ago and no question I had to order it. Especially since it comes in purple. Today Elaine scraped off the old stick figure stickers we have had on there for several years that had started to wear off. And she mounted these two puppy-love stickers in their place. Close to our hearts. I also have some for our golf cart windshield.

Elaine had a nail appointment this morning but they did not include her toenails so she will have to go back this week for that.

While at Walmart she did some grocery shopping as well, but was not happy with the produce there so only bought some things on the list. Later this afternoon we went to Fry’s to get the rest.

I relaxed this morning, reading on my tablet, and this afternoon I did some work at my computer. I prepared an analysis of publishing costs and ad revenues for the Royal Palm newsletter to use for planning for ad sales. I will also present this to the Board for a decision on newsletter size. Currently ad revenues fall a little short of printing costs, and smaller newsletters will obviously cost less to print. Right now it usually costs anywhere from 75¢ a book for a 16-page newsletter to 95¢ for a 24-page one; inserts add to those costs.

It has warmed up again, but only into the low 80s. Normal for this time of year is around 78°. We did go swimming this afternoon even though there was some wind. Elaine said she felt the difference having laid off for a couple of days; she got tired sooner while swimming.

Condense, donate, dispose. Grey and cloudy.

Today I went through all the stuff I brought from the motorhome yesterday, stuff from my bathroom there. A number of items duplicated things we already had here (e.g.: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc) and others we did not have on hand at the house (e.g.: band-aids, neosporin, etc), so those got consolidated with containers in or added to our medicine cabinet. Some items were so outdated that I pitched them: this included a number of pet medicines and products we had acquired over the years. Other items were in good shape but not things we currently use, so I set them aside to donate at the Card Room: this included toothpaste samples and other items. Continue reading Condense, donate, dispose. Grey and cloudy.

Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.

tee shirt
Elaine’s I Am Not A Hoarder tee shirt

Today was craft day for Elaine. She did a lot of preparation work prior to going to the craft session at the Clubhouse and I helped her with some of that. She wanted copies of several stamping designs made so that she could print them out in the future, and I did that using our scanner/printer. And she wore the shirt in the photo at left; she had bought it online as soon as she saw it advertised. Continue reading Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.